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A Modern Diablo II Version Switcher (Contains: Succulent/Singling As Well)
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Cactus 1.2.2 (Discord)

Jonathan Vasquez (fearedbliss)
Released on Saturday, December 1, 2018


Cactus is a C# based application that will help you manage Multiple Versions or _Compatible Mods_ of Diablo II (Which I will call Platforms) from a single application. This is a File-based Version Switcher and thus it doesn't modify any files. It simply copies files from their respective Platforms folder, to the root of your Diablo II folder, while making sure that all of your characters are properly isolated. This means you can easily install and play every single version of Diablo II from 1.00 to the latest 1.14d (and any other future versions) while maximizing your disk space (Since you won't have to keep having multiple copies of your MPQs).

Cactus Repository

The Cactus Repository is also home to my following modifications:


A collection of non-gameplay modifications and fixes in order to improve the Vanilla Diablo II Single Player Experience.

To use Singling, simply copy the Singling files for the version you want to play from the Singling/1. Files folder, and replace the ones for the equivalent version in your Platforms directory. To revert, use the files in Singling/2. Stock instead.


A Diablo II: 1.14d Single Player Modification that tailors the game to the Single Player Experience. Succulent contains strong influence from a variety of games such as Diablo I, Diablo II: 1.00 - 1.09b, Diablo III, and David Brevik's It Lurks Below.

To play Succulent, Simply open Cactus and add the Succulent Platform to your list.


Released under the GNU General Public License v3 or Later.


  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 +

Installation Instructions (Video)

Install Cactus And Prepare MPQs

This section will help you install Cactus to the correct location and also help you fix your MPQs so that they are compatible with the older versions of Diablo II.

  1. Copy all of the files in the 1. Files folder into your Diablo II root folder.
  2. Run the FIX_MPQS_RUN_AS_ADMIN.bat inside the MpqFixer that you copied, as Administrator. This will fix your MPQ files so that they work with the older versions of the game.

Adding/Running A Platform

  1. Run Cactus.exe
  2. Click Add
  3. Type in the name of the Platform you want to run. This should match a folder in the Platforms folder. (Example: If you want to run 1.09b, type 1.09b).
  4. Enter the path to the executable you want to launch in your Diablo II root folder. Cactus copies all of the files from the Platforms/[NAME] folder to the Diablo II root folder, so most of your entries will have identical paths (Example: D:\Games\Diablo II\Game.exe).
  5. Enter the Flags you want (Example: -w -ns -3dfx)
  6. Make sure Expansion is selected (Unless you are playing 1.00-1.06b or didn't purchase Lord of Destruction).
  7. Click Add.
  8. Select your newly added Platform and press Launch.

The game should start. If you are having video issues, either make sure you have ran the D2VidTst.exe and configured everything properly (Pre 1.14), or try configuring GlideWrapper (glide-init.exe) and adding the -3dfx flag to the end of your path.

Joining the Xyinn Network (Multiplayer via LAN)

If you want to play multiplayer with us through LAN, you can easily do so by joining our network. We use ZeroTier to connect to each other, which can be easily installed by following the steps below:

  1. Download and Install the ZeroTier Client
  2. Run ZeroTier (You can create an account if you want but it isn't needed).
  3. Join the following network: d5e5fb6537f19465
  4. Since this is a Private Network, you will need approval. Join the Discord channel and send a message with your Node Id to fearedbliss in channel #multiplayer. He'll approve you once he gets a chance. You can get your Node Id by right clicking the ZeroTier tray icon on the bottom right. It will be displayed at the top.

Moving Cactus To A New Computer

If you want to move all of your Platforms, Characters, and Diablo II folder to another machine, you will need to:

  1. Copy your entire Diablo II folder to your new machine.
  2. Edit the Entries.json file and change the Path for all of your entries so that it now has the Path on your new machine.
    • The Base Directory for all Paths need to match. The exes can be different.
      • GOOD: D:\Games\Diablo II\Game.exe and D:\Games\Diablo II\Alpaca.exe.
      • BAD: D:\Games\Diablo II\Game.exe and D:\Diablo Immortal For PC\Game.exe.
  3. Open Cactus and edit the Last Ran Platform.
  4. Uncheck the Last Ran box and Click Edit.
  5. Now Launch whatever Platform you want.

Unchecking the Last Ran box will cause Cactus to reconfigure itself (Including registry locations).

Updating Files In The Platforms folder

If you update any files in your Platforms folder, then uncheck the Last Ran box from the corresponding platform, and run it again. This will cause Cactus to re-install the files with the new ones.

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