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By: Jonathan Vasquez (fearedbliss)
Build: 2022-03-31-1200

Description & Goals

A collection of non-gameplay modifications and fixes in order to improve the Vanilla Diablo II Single Player & LAN Experience.

Singling is made to be a Simple Drag & Drop Solution. There is no configuration file or toggable options. If I don't believe a fix is needed or stable enough, it simply won't be included.

Singling does not provide any sort of modifications that have a psychological impact on the immersion aspect of Vanilla Diablo II, which eliminates all visual level changes as a result. For example, Extended Stash (10x10), Font Fix, and Item Level don't really have any gameplay impact, however they do have a psychological impact on the immersion of the user's experience. Since my goal with Cactus and Singling is to allow people to enjoy any version of Diablo II that ever came out while adhearing to the original spirit of the game, modifications outside of this goal are not included.

Lastly, Singling only supports versions of the game that were developed by Blizzard North, thus 1.10 is the last supported version.

Supported Versions

  • 1.00
  • 1.05b (Recommended - Most Stable Original Classic.)
  • 1.07
  • 1.08
  • 1.09b (Recommended - Most Stable Original Expansion.)
  • 1.10 (Recommended - New Expansion. Final Blizzard North Patch.)

Please check the Patch Rationale section below for an explanation as to why each of these patches were selected.


  • You can now run multiple clients of Diablo II.

  • You are now able to quickly join LAN games.

  • Fixed CPU usage bug in Main Menu, Single Player, and LAN games.

  • The button has been disabled for safety reasons.

  • The introduction cinematics are now automatically skipped.

  • The FPS is now unlocked in Single Player. (Same as LAN games)

  • The scrolling letters slowdown is now fixed for both DirectDraw and Glide.

  • You no longer need the CD in order to play the game.

  • You can now make Hardcore characters without beating Softcore.

  • [1.00-1.08] The players command is now implemented. (Video)

  • [1.08-1.10] The game will now work with the MPQ files included in the new Blizzard Installer.

  • [1.08] Ladder Runewords are now enabled on Single Player.


  • The scrolling letters fix required the disabling of the fps command.

  • When using cnc-ddraw, you will also automatically gain the ability for the window to no longer minimize when you click out of it when using its window mode capabilities. Do not use Diablo II's -w flag since it will interfere with cnc-ddraw. You will also gain the minimize/maximize buttons, and the ability to dynamically resize the window as well. Using cnc-ddraw (regardless of the scrolling letters fix) will also prevent the fps command from working.

  • If you experience extreme lag in the Main Menu for versions 1.00-1.09b, try using cnc-ddraw, this should fix it. If for whatever reason that still doesn't work, you'll need to revert the CPU fix for the Main Menu specifically (You'll still have the fix for Single Player and LAN). Simply replace the D2Win.dll you are currently using with the one in the Singling Stock Directory for the affected version.

  • If you experience weirdness with the mouse cursor, this is most likely due to the FPS Unlock Fix. Regardless of the displayed FPS, the game will always be a 25 FPS game and thus the showed FPS doesn't actually matter. The reason this fix is being implemented is because the mouse cursor on Single Player games is directly connected to this FPS limit, which makes the cursor choppy. The fix simply disconnects the mouse cursor from this limit and allows it to run independently. This is effectively the same as what happens on LAN and on This weirdness will mostly likely never happen or happen rarely.

  • The players command feature required us to remove the soundchaosdebug command which was really only used for development.

Players Command Usage (Pre 1.09)

The players command works similarly to 1.09b. You type players # with no slash and the game will simulate that. No confirmation will be displayed. This also works correctly on LAN, and the difficulty will automatically be increased if there are more players in the game. If the host sets the players count lower than the actual current number of players, this number will be ignored and the higher number will be used.

The Monster's HP, Experience, and Item Drops (Including Chests) will all be affected accordingly. For versions before 1.07, the game was designed with monsters and chests having a chance to drop only a single item, and chests are not affected by player count at all. Monsters however will have an increased chance of dropping a single item for every additional player in the game (up to players 5, everything after that doesn't matter).

The minimum number of players you can set is 1 and the maximum amount of players is 8. If you exceed these values, the players count will be set to the lowest or highest accordingly.

  • players - Sets the players to 1.
  • playersX - Sets the players to X.
  • players X - Sets the players to X.

If you do something like xplayers or players in space, it will correctly ignore those messages. If you do something like players 5p or players5p, it will consider that as players 5 and will ignore the rest. If you do players9999, only the first 9 will be used, and subsequently the code will detect that it's greater than 8 and will use 8 instead. If you typed in the command in upper case letters such as PLAYERS 5, mixed case letters such as PLaYeRs 2, or any other variation, it will correctly detect that and work the same as the lower case versions.

Patch Rationale

Patch 1.00 (Thursday, June 29, 2000)

This patch was selected due to it simply being the first version of Diablo II released. There are some things possible in this version that were quickly patched out, however, there are also many instabilities in the game that may result in crashes or even the character becoming corrupted.

Some things that can happen in 1.00 that were patched in subsequent Pre-1.07 patches:

  • The Cow Level can be opened even if the King is killed.
  • Whirlwind attack checks happen once per frame.
  • Bonefarming
  • Maggotfarming
  • Corpse Explosion scales with the player count.
  • Lord de Seis can steal your potions.

Patch 1.05b (Friday, February 2, 2001) - Recommended

This patch was picked because it is the most stable and balanced version of the game before Lord of Destruction was released. Thus, it is the definitive experience of the Original Classic Diablo II.

It was also picked over 1.06 since the main reason 1.06 was released was to implement anti-duping code. Due to the way item generation works in these patches, you can legitimately find items that have the same fingerprint, and the anti-duping code would delete those items. Watch the following video for a demonstration of this.

If you are looking for a stable version of Diablo II that closely resembled the design, feeling, and balance of Diablo I, this is the patch for you. Patches 1.07-1.09 departed from a lot of the original Diablo II game design by refining and extending core elements of the game, but overall still had some resemblance to the original Diablo II. Two years later, Patch 1.10 was released and fundamentally changed the way the entire game was played. Original Diablo II before the Expansion is pretty much a completely different game. Even though Diablo II still retained a Classic mode after the Expansion was released, the Classic experience was fundamentally altered.

Some amazing and interesting things about Pre-1.07:

  • Unique items have no level requirements.
  • Unique item stats were very different than 1.07+.
  • Uniques, Sets, and Rares can all be gambled for with a fixed chance of 3%, 5%, and 7% respectively.
  • There are no immunities in the game.
  • There are no spell cooldowns.
  • Item drop rates are very low and everything means something.
  • No players command, but you can use Singling for this feature.
  • Item affix generation and possibilities are much better than 1.07+.
  • Set items actually drop more frequently than Rares (Common -> Magic -> Set -> Rare -> Unique).
  • More deterministic RNG.
    • If you have a Manald Heal and a Nagelring on your character (Equipped, Inventory, or Stash), then the next Unique ring will be a Stone of Jordan.
    • A unique item that's already present in the game will not drop again, but will instead drop as a Failed Unique. Failed Uniques have triple durability and drop as a Rare instead.
  • Mana potions cannot be purchased in stores and drop less frequently than 1.07+.
    • This makes Energy, Warmth, Mana Per Kill, and Mana Leech very valuable.
  • Crushing Blow does not work on SuperUniques, Champions, and Bosses.
  • Magic Find does not work on SuperUniques, Champions, and Bosses.
  • No Partial Set Bonuses.
  • Nothing from Lord of Destruction such as Runes, Charms, Jewels, Elite Items, and Improved Hirelings since the Expansion didn't exist yet.

Patch 1.07 (Wednesday, June 27, 2001)

This patch was selected because it is the first version of Lord of Destruction that was released on the Expansion CDs and was the first massive change to Diablo II. Patch 1.07 is actually Beta Patch 1.07.44 as proven in my 1.07 - 1.08 Development Timeline Analysis post. The D2 LOD Beta started with Patch 1.07.41, and during the course of the beta, many more 1.07.XX patches were released via, including 1.07.45 and 1.07.46, which included changes which were later released after the beta was over, as part of 1.08.

1.07 could only be played on Single Player, since people connecting to were immediately updated to 1.08. Due to the state of the patch, it contains a lot of features, behaviors, and item generation combinations that were immediately patched out in patches 1.08-1.09. It also contains some bugs and differences that are fun to play with such as:

  • Rejuvenation Potion Bug
  • Mana Per Kill (MPK) rings
  • The Original 1.07 Unique Items (Often called 1.08 Uniques).
  • Static Field in the Expansion works the same as Classic.
  • Shield blocking in Classic actually uses the Expansion formula. (1.07-1.08)
  • Crazy +Damage Charms
  • Dual Wielding Bug
  • Crushing Blow works with full effectiveness on ranged weapons.
  • Poison damage bug works even with melee weapons.
  • Immunities were introduced but can be broken with full force.
  • Triple immunities are possible.
  • The sound for Gems was different than other versions.
  • Magic Finding is essentially useless, and the Treasure Class System is incomplete. Thus the primary way of getting items is by Rack Running. This also means that Windforce cannot drop in 1.07 since Racks can't drop Bows, Staves, Wands, and a few other types.
  • Runes are in the game but the available Runewords and their stats are vastly different than what was available in 1.08-1.09.
  • No players command, but you can use Singling for this feature.

Patch 1.08 (Wednesday, June 27, 2001)

This patch was selected because it is the first version of Lord of Destruction available after the Beta was over, and was also released on Release Day. Thus, anyone that connected to was immediately updated to 1.08.

Given where 1.07 and 1.08 were in the development timeline, we may be able to consider this patch as a very late beta build. There are still many early expansion design decisions and behaviors (whether a bug or not) present in these patches which were changed in 1.09. Some of these decisions, features, and quirks are listed below:

  • The majority of the Unique Items are the same as in 1.07.
  • There are more activated crafting recipes than in 1.07, and contains a lot of recipes that were better than and disabled immediately in 1.09.
  • The Treasure Class system is complete but the Magic Finding is still essentially useless (Works the same as in 1.07 but with higher breakpoints).
  • The Rack Running mechanics still work the same as 1.07, with some exception for TC90 items that need to be racked in a higher level area. Thus Rack Running is still possible and actually has better chances of dropping Uniques than 1.07 (1/800 vs 1/1000).
  • Boss Drops are broken and only drop their Normal TC.
  • Rare Jewels can get up to 6 Affixes.
  • It's possible for Windforce to drop since the TC is fixed. Windforce also has different stats than the 1.09 version. So it is the only patch that you can acquire this particular Bow configuration. It's extremely hard for this bow to drop.
  • Runeword stats are not saved, thus are regenerated per game.
  • Runewords were only available on Thus you can use Singling to access them on Single Player.
  • No players command, but you can use Singling for this feature.

Patch 1.09b (Wednesday, September 5, 2001) - Recommended

This patch was picked because it is the most stable and balanced version of the game after Lord of Destruction was released, but before the groundbreaking changes introduced in 1.10. Thus, it is the definitive experience of the Original Expansion of Diablo II.

This patch also introduced the players command and many other quality of life improvements and fixes. 1.09b was also picked over 1.09d because it contains players 64 and working CtC. 1.09d has broken CtC which means that you will see the animation of your CtC effect, but it actually won't do anything.

Patch 1.10 (Tuesday, October 28, 2003) - Recommended

This patch was selected because it was the last and biggest update made directly by Blizzard North that brought Diablo II into a new era, which I'm labeling as: New Expansion.

It was released two years after observing the 1.09 community, and released around 3 months after the Blizzard North Exodus, where most of the key people left and formed Flagship Studios, Castaway Entertainment, and Hyboreal Games. Peter Hu was the Chief Architect for Patch 1.10 and from my conversations with David Brevik, Peter stayed behind to finish the patch. Afterwards, he left Blizzard North and joined Flagship Studios.

Patch 1.10 massively redesigned and rebalanced the game, and for the most part is the Diablo II that we all know and love today. All further additions added to the game such as Respecs, Increased Rune Drop Rates, Faster Merc Leveling, Uber Tristram (Online Only), and the removal of Iron Maiden from the Chaos Sanctuary, came after the Exodus.

Some of the things introduced in this patch were:

  • Rebalanced all character classes.
  • Synergies
  • Massively increased game difficulty.
  • Guest Monsters
  • Blocking Quests
  • Experience penalty after level 70.
  • Eliminated party experience sharing beyond two screens.
  • Mana Potions added to Vendors.
  • Lots of new Unique Items, Runewords, and Recipes.
  • Improvements to the Treasure Class, Item, and Drop Systems.
  • Uber Diablo (Online Only)
  • A lot of bug fixes and a lot of other changes.
Ladder Runewords Removed From Singling

Singling no longer provides Ladder Runewords for 1.10. The reason for this is that Peter Hu, the Main Architect of 1.10, stayed behind at Blizzard North after the Exodus in order to finish the patch. The patch was released on October 28, 2003. Shortly after, Peter left Blizzard North and joined Flagship Studios. These runewords did not exist when 1.10 was released and given that the patch was released as is and also that there is no evidence suggesting Peter was in favor of them being released, they won't be included. The 23 new Ladder Runewords were introduced server side on July 8, 2004, several months after Peter had left (Most likely around Q1 2004). The new runeword combinations were finally published publicly on December 10, 2004.

It sucks in a way to come to this conclusion since the ladder only runewords were definitely part of my childhood (I started playing during the first ladder season of 1.10), but given the evidence, the history needs to be factually represented and properly documented in Singling. I believe the references below provide enough evidence to remove the Ladder Runewords from the project. As mentioned in the Goals section of Singling, Singling supports only Blizzard North developed versions of the game. When drawing the fine line of where exactly the history of Blizzard North ends, it isn't on August 1, 2005 when Blizzard announced that they were closing down the corporate vehicle of "Blizzard North", but when the main people working at Blizzard North actually left.

References For Ladder Runewords Decision
Blizzard North / Flagship Studios Interviews and Presentations