ZFS Snapshot & Backup Management Scripts
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fearedbliss Snapshot retrieval from source pool is now more restrictive.
- When retrieving snapshots from the source pool, the retrieval is
  now more restrictive/exact. Meaning if we are looking for "rpool",
  then only "rpool" will be retrieved rather than also "rpool_bak" etc.

- Updated copyright.
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Bliss ZFS Scripts 3.3.2
Jonathan Vasquez <jon@xyinn.org>

Designed for Gentoo Linux

This is a collection of scripts that I use to manage my zfs setup at home.

1) zfs_snapshot        - Takes a snapshot of a dataset
2) clean_snapshots     - Deletes snapshots older than 30 days or older than a date set by the user
3) check_zfs_pool      - Checks the pools health. If degraded, it sends you an email
4) zpool_scrub         - Scrubs the pool
5) zfs_backup          - Backs up your datasets automatically (replication to another pool)

Example scripts that would be called from your crontab
*) tank_snapshot       - Wrapper around zfs_snapshot
*) tank_backup         - Wrapper around zfs_backup

*) debug/*                    - Files used for various debugging purposes

Note: Some of the tools also provide btrfs support. However at the moment, ZFS is the main focus for these scripts.

These scripts can be used as cronjobs.

Python 3+