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Fearless359 SimpleInvoices beyond great beginnings
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Making invoicing rock since '05


Note: Cloning is not necessary unless you wish to contribute to the ongoing development and maintenance of SI. For versions prior to Fearless359 Release, SI uses gitsubmodules to load the Zend Framework.
When cloning the repository use the --recursive option to ensure that Zend is retrieved.
git clone --recursive

For the Fearless359 releases, Zend Framework is incorporated in the download.

Updating to Current Version

Fearless359 Version Downloads

  • Master - master (.zip) PHP 5.6 & 7.x
    • Library code updated to eliminate errors for current PHP versions.
  • Master 2019 - master_2019 (.zip) PHP 7.x
    • Updated jquery, pdf, email, manage screen content lists, etc. Changed to us Composer for library maintenance and class autoload.
  • Master 2019 Foreign Key BETA - master_2019.2_fk_beta (.zip) PHP 7.x
    • Major update to standardize and formalize common database fields. Adds Foreign Key support to the database. ** USE ONLY IN TEST MODE FOR NOW **




  • SimpleInvoices is released under the GPL v3 license - refer license.txt for details
  • For help or comments jump on our website or post on the forum at SimpleInvoices Group Forum

Get Involved


We are proud that SimpleInvoices is currently available in 41 different languages but we would love for that number to be even bigger!

If you would like to help translate SimpleInvoices into your language check out our translation project. Download updated and additional languages only if logged in there.

For more information refer:

Reporting Bugs

Please use the issue tracker on GitHub when reporting bugs.

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