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jQuery fullscreen event plugin

This plugin provides a technique for detecting if a browser is in fullscreen mode.


Add jQuery and jquery.fullscreen.js to your HTML document. No explicit initialization is required, this plugin handles that automatically. Afterwards, bind a fullscreen event to the window object. Example:

$(window).bind("fullscreen-on", function(e) {
	console.log("we're on fullscreen now");

The following events are provided:

  • fullscreen-toggle is triggered whenever the fullscreen state changes. The event handling function takes the following form:

      $(window).bind("fullscreen-toggle", function(e, state) {

    where state represents the fullscreen state as a boolean value;

  • fullscreen-on is triggered when the browser enters fullscreen;

  • fullscreen-off is triggered when the browser exits fullscreen.

If you need to check the current fullscreen state, grab the fullscreen-state data property from the window object, as follows:

var isFullScreen = $(window).data('fullscreen-state');

The example.html document details examples for all events.


  • There is no cross-browser way to programmatically trigger the fullscreen state.
  • This has only been tested in Google Chrome and Firefox. Support for more browsers is coming soon.