Demo code from my Getting Started with Apache Spark presentation.
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Getting Started with Apache Spark


There are two sets of notebooks here: one based off of the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform and one based off of the Apache Zeppelin which comes with the Hortonworks Data Platform distribution of Hadoop. Choose the one which suits you better.

Obtaining Data

In order to run these demos, you will need to load two data sets. First, the City of Durham food health inspection survey data set. I have saved a version of the data set without headers in the Data folder. Move that to a location of choice available to Spark and change the val inspections = line to point to your data location.

If you need to get the City of Durham food health inspection survey data set with headers, or if you would like to get the latest version of the data set, you can obtain it from the Open Durham website.

The second demo uses the MovieLens data set published by GroupLens research. You can obtain the MovieLens data set from the GroupLens website. This data set is 190 MB, so I did not include it in the repository. Unzip the data set in a location where Spark can access the data and change two blocks of code. The first block is the first line, val ratings =. The second line is further down, val movies =