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# Contribution Guidelines
:+1::tada: First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! :tada::+1:
The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to Feather. Feel free to propose changes to this document in a pull request.
## Pull Requests
> **Note:** At the moment we are not accepting pull requests containing _**icons**_. The best way to contribute an icon is to create an issue with a screenshot and link to an SVG of your icon.
Pull requests for new features, bug fixes, etc. are often appreciated. Please checkout the [project roadmap]( and raise an issue to discuss any of the items on the list.
**Working on your first Pull Request?** You can learn how from this *free* series
[How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub](
Guidelines for pull requests:
- __Make your commit messages as descriptive as possible.__ Include as much information as you can. Explain anything that the file diffs themselves won’t make apparent.
- __Document your pull request__. Explain your fix, link to the relevant issue, add screenshots when adding new icons.
- __Make sure the target of your pull request is the relevant branch__. Most of bugfix or new feature should go to the `master` branch.
- __Include only related work__. If your pull request has unrelated commit, it won't be accepted.
## Icon Requests
Before creating an icon request, please search to see if someone has requested the icon already. If there is an open request, please add a :+1:.
If the icon has not already been requested, [create an issue]( with a title of `Icon request: <icon name>` and add as much information as possible.
## Bug Reports
Before reporting an issue, please search to see if someone has filed a similar issue before. If there is already an open issue, please add a :+1: and/or leave a comment with additional information.
When creating a new issue make sure to include the following:
- Version of `Feather` in use. Are you running from source/master? Are you using a released build? Which release?
- Your environment. What is your operating system? 32 or 64 bits?
- Step to reproduce. Even if the step is only one line change, __include it!__ Include the actual result and what you expected.
- Any message or error you get in the console, if you do.
- A screenshot of any visual bug.
Here is what a great bug report would look like:
Check not rendering properly
Version: Release v3.1.0
Downloaded from: Import using webpack
How to reproduce:
- Import `check` icon
- Add to a React component/view
- Run the react app
- Notice that the `check` isn't rendering correctly which seems a encoding problem
Actual result:
- Import `check` icon
- Add to a React component/view
- Run the react app
- Check is displayed with correct encoding (e.g UTF-8)
No console output
@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ All classes on a placeholder element (i.e. `<i>`) will be copied to the `<svg>`
## Roadmap
- [ ] Write contributing guidelines
- [x] Write contributing guidelines
- [ ] Write icon design guidelines
- [ ] Add usage examples
- [ ] Add SVG sprite
@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ All classes on a placeholder element (i.e. `<i>`) will be copied to the `<svg>`
## Contributing
*Contributing guidelines coming soon*
For more info on how to contribute please see the [contribution guidelines](
Caught a mistake or want to contribute to the documentation? [Edit this page on Github](

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