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[MOVED] Local authentication plugin for feathers-authentication
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Important: The code for this module has been moved into the main Feathers repository at feathersjs/feathers (package direct link). Please open issues and pull requests there. No changes in your existing Feathers applications are necessary.

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Local authentication strategy for feathers-authentication using Passport without all the boilerplate.


npm install @feathersjs/authentication-local --save

Quick example

const feathers = require('@feathersjs/feathers');
const authentication = require('feathers-authentication');
const local = require('@feathersjs/authentication-local');
const app = feathers();

// Setup authentication

// Setup a hook to only allow valid JWTs or successful 
// local auth to authenticate and get new JWT access tokens
  before: {
    create: [
      authentication.hooks.authenticate(['local', 'jwt'])


Please refer to the @feathersjs/authentication-local API documentation for more details.


Copyright (c) 2018

Licensed under the MIT license.