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This is more a question then a bug report.

Steps to reproduce

I migrated to feathers-authentication v1 and integrated twitter oauth with feathers-authentication-oauth1, both work well, the problem I'm facing right now is: if I don't setup successRedirect then a page with raw json response (with the accessToken) is returned at the end of oauth flow. On the other hand if a path is set, then there is no way to retrieve the accessToken. I couldn't find any documentation about this behavior.

My config:

  "auth": {
    "cookie": {
      "enable": true
    "twitter": {
      "consumerKey": "...",
      "consumerSecret": "..."

The auth part on the server looks like this.

const authentication = require('feathers-authentication')
const oauth1 = require('feathers-authentication-oauth1')
const session = require('express-session')
const TwitterStrategy = require('passport-twitter').Strategy

module.exports = function () {
  const app = this
  app.use(session({secret: 'super secret', resave: true, saveUninitialized: true}))
    name: 'twitter',
    Strategy: TwitterStrategy,
    successRedirect: '/app'

And on the client, on /app:

import feathers from 'feathers-client'
import auth from 'feathers-authentication-client'

const host = 'http://localhost:4040'
const app = feathers()
.configure(auth({storage: window.localStorage}))

app.authenticate() // does not work because no accessToken is found

Expected behavior

accessToken being set in the response header? So it could be read by feathers client automatically.

Actual behavior

No accessToken is returned.

System configuration

Module versions server:

"express-session": "^1.14.2",
"feathers": "^2.0.3",
"feathers-authentication": "^1.0.2",
"feathers-authentication-oauth1": "^0.2.3",
"passport": "^0.3.2",
"passport-twitter": "^1.0.4",

Module versions web:

"feathers-authentication-client": "^0.1.6",
"feathers-client": "^1.8.0",

NodeJS version: 6.9.2

Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04

Browser Version: Chrome 55


Ok, found the culprit, the config should be auth.cookie.enabled instead of auth.cookie.enable. Typo in the migration doc

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@whollacsek whollacsek Typo 'cookie.enable' should be 'cookie.enabled' 11ba11a
@whollacsek whollacsek referenced this issue in feathersjs/feathers-authentication Dec 18, 2016

Typo 'cookie.enable' should be 'cookie.enabled' #380

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