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Feathers UI 1.0.0-beta.6 for OpenFL and Haxe

Feathers UI is a cross-platform framework of user interface components for creative frontend projects. It is especially well-suited for games, interactive data visualizations, and other rich, multimedia experiences. With Feathers UI, you can create native apps for a wide range of devices and platforms — including phones, tablets, desktop computers, game consoles… and you can even deploy to web browsers.

Built using the Haxe programming language and OpenFL. Like Feathers UI, both Haxe and OpenFL are open source, and they may be used for free in commercial projects.

🚨 Notice: This is a beta version of Feathers UI for Haxe/OpenFL. Some components and features may still be missing, and occasional bugs should be expected.

Get started

For more detailed instructions, see Learn: Install Feathers UI for Haxe and OpenFL.


Requires Haxe 4.0.0 or newer.


Open a terminal, and then install Feathers UI using the following command:

haxelib install feathersui

This will also automatically install any additional required dependencies, like OpenFL, if necessary. If you are installing OpenFL for the first time, you will also need to run the following command:

haxelib run openfl setup

Choose a development envirionment

The following tutorials explain how to create a new Feathers UI project:

The Haxe programming language is supported by more editors and IDEs, and it may be possible to configure them to use Feathers UI too.

Help & Support

News & Updates


Cross-platform graphical user interface components for creative frontend projects — powered by Haxe and OpenFL




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