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Lizzie v0.7

@featurecat featurecat released this
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Lizzie Version 0.7


Lizzie 0.7 is finally ready. It is compatible with Leela Zero and KataGo. Please make sure to replace your current config file with the current version's config file. It's better to start with an entirely new folder if possible.

It comes with LZ#3d056bf4, a strong 15 block network trained by bubblesId/bjiyxo. It should be roughly equal strength to LZ#244 at equal time, but runs much faster. Windows versions also come with KataGo and its latest 20 block network. KataGo can estimate territory and always reads ladders correctly. Mac/Linux users will need to compile Leela Zero and KataGo.

Note, KataGo takes longer to set up the first time than Leela Zero. It only needs to set up once.



  • New native UI with toolbars and buttons
  • Configuration dialog allows you to modify and save the config.txt completely within the UI
  • KataEstimate realtime territory estimator! Requires KataGo to run, estimates the territory based on KataGo's playouts
  • Display KataEstimate territory in the winrate graph as a purple line
  • Ability to save entire variations/analyses as SGFs
  • Replay branches while hovering over the variation and press R
  • Ability to choose and quickly switch between engines (eg KataGo and Leela Zero)
  • Ability to allow/disallow moves to the engine by right-clicking on coordinates
  • Playouts are now saved whenever you change board positions, so that you can always see suggestions even when the engine hasn't quite gotten enough playouts yet. Use analyze->clear analysis to remove the stored analysis
  • Double click a move to jump to the move number it was played at
  • Support different board sizes
  • Temporarily toggle suggestions with z key (shift+z = toggle suggestions permanently)
  • GTP console window (press e to activate)
  • Polish Translation
  • Korean Translation
  • Russian Translation
  • Spanish Translation


  • Default window size is something more reasonable when first booting Lizzie
  • Java logo has been updated to a Lizzie logo (subject to change, it's programmer art. Lizzie is still in Alpha :)
  • Independent panes can now be dragged out into separate windows (eg winrate graph as its own window)
  • Option to color moves by winrate instead of visits
  • Display players' names at the bottom of board
  • Can show the policy network with the toolbar button (or press b)
  • Improved graphics


  • Playout counter displays more consistently >1k and >1m
  • Saved winrate comments have become clearer
  • General Mac improvements
  • Leela Zero 0.17 support
  • KataGo support
  • Support for variable komi to engines
  • Cleaner move-suggestion stats, KataGo territory is displayed as the 3rd move suggestion statistic
  • Improved Japanese Translation
  • Improved Romanian Translation
  • Borders of each component (winrate graph etc) were being rendered incorrectly, now are prettier

Big thank you to all contributors

🥇zsalch, 🥇yzyray, 🥇OlivierBlanvillain, 🥇inohiroki, 🥇toomasr, 🥇kaorahi, 🥇tomasz-warniello, 🥇TFiFiE, 🥇ihavenoid, 🥇ygrek, 🥇apetresc, 🥇dfannius, 🥇gjm11, 🥇rexl2018, 🥇Yi-Kai, 🥇ParmuzinAlexander

❤️ Thank you! ❤️

Big thanks for zsalch and yzyray for all their hard work, they did a lot!

Sorry for the delay, here's what's next

I know it has been almost 11 months since the release of the last version, Lizzie 0.6. The reason was that I lost some motivation to work on Lizzie after May. Zsalch did a great job keeping things together while I was not working on Lizzie.

So what is the future for Lizzie? Zsalch and contributors will keep making incremental updates to Lizzie 0.7.X, 0.8, etc. Meanwhile I will be working on making Lizzie v1.0 for 2020, a complete rewrite, which I think is necessary and will bring Lizzie and the Go community to new heights :)