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Feature Hub
Helm Charts since version 3.0.4 have forked to a separate repository

This repository contains the following FeatureHub installation assets:

  • Docker-compose deployment options

Please visit Helm Charts for Kubernetes deployment

All deployment options are pointing to the "latest" tag of the Docker images that we push to the DockerHub

You can find the "latest" release notes and previous releases here

From version FeatureHub v1.3.4 and later the containers are run in "non-root users" mode for security reasons.


If you are just curious to see how FeatureHub works and would like to play with it there is a simple way of doing it, please follow instructions here.

Once you have decided to start using FeatureHub in your team, there are also several installation options depending on your use case, please read about these options here.

Where to get help?

If you cannot find an answer in our documentation please join our Slack community Anyways Labs

Or email our community supporters at


FeatureHub is operating under Apache 2.0 license. Please refer to the full license here.