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  1. featuretools

    An open source python framework for automated feature engineering

    Python 3k 325

  2. Automated-Manual-Comparison

    Automated vs Manual Feature Engineering Comparison. Implemented using Featuretools.

    Jupyter Notebook 122 43

  3. predict-next-purchase

    Predict what a customer will buy next based on purchase history using automated feature engineering

    Jupyter Notebook 202 64

  4. predict-correct-answer

    Predict whether a student will correctly answer a problem based on past performance using automated feature engineering

    HTML 15 3

  5. predict-remaining-useful-life

    Predict remaining useful life of a component based on historical sensor observations using automated feature engineering

    Jupyter Notebook 45 25

  6. predicting-customer-churn

    A general-purpose framework for solving problems with machine learning applied to predicting customer churn

    Jupyter Notebook 75 25

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