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require '../src/bootstrap/runtime'
describe 'runtime'
it 'creates objects with constructor'
obj = object =>
self.a = 'a'
obj.a.should.equal 'a'
it 'creates objects with hash'
obj = object {
a = 'a'
obj.a.should.equal 'a'
describe 'inheritance'
prototype = null
before each
prototype = object =>
self.a = 'a'
self.b = 'b'
it 'allows objects to be extended'
obj = object extending (prototype) =>
self.b = 'c'
obj.a.should.equal 'a'
obj.b.should.equal 'c'
it 'allows objects to be extended using hash'
obj = object extending (prototype) {
b = 'c'
obj.a.should.equal 'a'
obj.b.should.equal 'c'
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