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Motherboard Sensors using Python Psutil module
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Motherboard Sensors using Python Psutil module. This Domoticz Plugin is still in Beta ...

Using Ubuntu, I couldn't get any reliable information from Domoticz Native 'Motherboard Sensors' plugin. Especially the empty space for HDD was always giving wrong counts. So I wrote this plugin for my own needs and dedide to give up on native 'Motherboard Sensors'.

** Turns out both native and psutil motherboard pluging have issues related to snap packages on Ubuntu. Snap packages create loop devices and the order of the disks change accordingly. This makes both plugins unusable...


Please install the 'psutil' Python module first:

sudo pip3 install psutil

When you first enable this Plugin It provides:

  • CPU Usage Percentage
  • Memory (Virtual) Memory Usage
  • All mounted HDD Usage Percentages

And, if supported by your platform:

  • Sensor Temperatures (Celcius)
  • Fan Speeds (RPM)
  • Battery Left Percentage
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