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ds (daemon services)

ds is a wrapper for some Unix daemon control facilities. It provides a short and concise interface to launchctl(1) (OS X), init(8) and upstart(7) (standard Linux and Debian-based distros).


ds start (name)
ds stop (name)
ds restart (name)
ds info
ds info (name)
ds enabled
ds disabled


$ ds start mysql            # starts the service
* Starting MySQL. [OK]

$ ds stop mysql             # stops the service
* Stopping MySQL. [OK]

$ ds restart postgresql     # restarts the service
* Restarting PostgreSQL. [OK]

$ ds info                   # returns status information for all the services
# OS X
* 5406 daemon ( [Running]
* 1153 ssh-agent (org.openbsd.ssh-agent) [Running]
* [-] daemon ( [Unknown] (status: -43)

# Linux
* 3417 atd (/etc/init.d/atd) [Running]
* 3400 tty3 (/etc/init/tty3.conf) [Running]
* [-] plymouth (/etc/init/plymouth) [Stopped]
* [-] dmesg (/etc/init/dmesg) [Disabled]

$ ds info sshd                   # returns detailed information for a specific service
Real Name: org.openbsd.ssh-agent
File: ~/Library/LaunchAgents/org.openbsd.ssh-agent
Status: Running
Code: 0

$ ds enabled                   # returns a list of the enabled (not necessarily running!) services
* 3417 atd (/etc/init.d/atd)
* 3400 tty3 (/etc/init/tty3.conf)

$ ds disabled                   # returns a list of the disabled services
* [-] dmesg (/etc/init/dmesg)

Advanced Usage

ds reset name
ds kill name [signal]


$ ds reset mariadb              # Reload the source file and restarts the service. Useful for debugging scripts.

# All of these are equivalent, the signal can be either a name or a number.
$ ds kill apache2 9
$ ds kill apache2 KILL
$ ds kill apache2 kill
$ ds kill apache2 SIGKILL


  • Integrate the concept of users/domains (maybe).
  • Aliases for debugging support (attach/examine and --session).
  • Capacity to manipulate logging facilities and options.
  • Support for adding environment variables on start.

Please send pull requests or open a Feature Request on the tracker if you want to see these integrated.