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An Emacs mode to fetch lyrics from LyricWiki.
Emacs Lisp
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LyricWiki - An Emacs mode to fetch lyrics

This mode opens a new buffer with the lyrics of the song you're currently listening to.

Installation and Usage

Clone the Git repository:

$ git clone git://

Or download the .tar.gz file from:

Add it to your load list and require it:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/some_directory/lyricwiki.el")
(require 'lyricwiki)

If you want this mode to automatically fetch your current playing song in iTunes, Rhytmbox or Amarok then set the defalias in lyricwiki.el:

;; Any of these 3 will do
(defalias 'lyricwiki/lyrics 'lyricwiki/lyrics-itunes)
(defalias 'lyricwiki/lyrics 'lyricwiki/lyrics-amarok)
(defalias 'lyricwiki/lyrics 'lyricwiki/lyrics-rhythmbox)

Now just press:

M-x lyricwiki/lyrics

Finally, if you want to manually enter the song details you can just call:

M-x lyricwiki/lyrics-manual

Helping, Contact, E-T-C

Pull requests are always welcome, bugs should be filed in the Issue Tracker.

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