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Adding autoloads for user functions.

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febuiles committed Dec 26, 2008
1 parent d7e9b25 commit ce4e48f67ea1148d45cc7af67501a8381d0f8db0
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@@ -66,6 +66,8 @@
;; A word of caution: Audio files can take a while to upload and will
;; probably freeze your Emacs until it finishes uploading.
+;; You can always find the latest version of Tumble at:
;; Installation:
@@ -102,16 +104,19 @@
(setq tumble-group "") ; uncomment to use a group.
(setq tumble-format "markdown") ; you can change this to html
(defun tumble-text-from-region (min max title)
"Post the current region as a text in Tumblr"
(interactive "r \nsTitle: ")
(tumble-post-text title (tumble-region-text)))
(defun tumble-text-from-buffer (title)
"Post the current buffer as a text in Tumblr"
(interactive "sTitle: ")
(tumble-text-from-region (point-min) (point-max) title))
(defun tumble-quote-from-region (min max source)
"Post a region as a quote in Tumblr"
(interactive "r \nsSource (optional): " )
@@ -120,31 +125,37 @@
(cons 'quote (tumble-region-text))
(cons 'source source))))
(defun tumble-link-with-description (min max name url)
"Posts a Tumblr link using the region as the description"
(interactive "r \nsName (optional): \nsLink: ")
(tumble-post-link name url (tumble-region-text)))
(defun tumble-link (name url)
"Posts a Tumblr link without description"
(interactive "sName (optional): \nsLink: ")
(tumble-post-link name url ""))
(defun tumble-chat-from-region (min max title)
"Posts a chat to Tumblr using the current region"
(interactive "r \nsTitle (optional): ")
(tumble-post-chat title (tumble-region-text)))
(defun tumble-chat-from-buffer (title)
"Posts a chat to Tumblr using the current buffer"
(interactive "sTitle (optional): ")
(tumble-chat-from-region (point-min) (point-max) title))
(defun tumble-photo-from-url (source caption url)
"Posts a photo to Tumblr using an URL as the source"
(interactive "sURL: \nsCaption (optional): \nsLink (optional): ")
(tumble-post-photo source caption url))
(defun tumble-photo-from-file (filename caption url)
"Posts a local photo to Tumblr"
(interactive "fPhoto: \nsCaption (optional): \nsLink (optional): ")
@@ -158,6 +169,7 @@
(defun tumble-audio (filename caption)
"Posts an audio file to Tumblr"
(interactive "fAudio: \nsCaption (optional): ")
@@ -169,6 +181,7 @@
(defun tumble-video-from-url ()
"Uses EMBED to post a video to Tumblr"

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