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ZOMGRSS is a Ruby gem to create RSS feeds from your Ruby collections.


 $ gem install zomgrss


 class BlogPost < ActiveRecord::Base

 print BlogPost.to_rss

 # => (no line-breaks in original)
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <rss version="2.0">
     <title>Your blog!</title>
     <description>A nice description of your emo posts</description>
       <title>My first post</title>
       <link isPermaLink="false"></link>
       <description>Isnt this super interesting?</description>
       <pubDate>Sat, 22 May 2010 21:38:17 -0500</pubDate>
       <title>My second post</title>
       <link isPermaLink="false"></link>
       <description>I wish my lawn was emo so I could stop doing silly jokes</description>
       <pubDate>Sat, 22 May 2010 21:38:17 -0500</pubDate>

You can see more examples in the examples/ folder.


For a basic dose of ZOMGRSS just call rss_me in your class and then call Class.to_rss. Example:

 class BlogPost
   include DataMapper::Resource

   property :id, Serial
   property :title, String, :required => true
   property :body, Text, :required => true
   property :created_at, DateTime

 BlogPost.to_rss  # => returns the RSS feed for all the objects in BlogPost.

ZOMGRSS expects your class to have four basic attributes: id, title, body and created_at. These are used to populate the RSS title, description, GUID and pubDate fields of each item in your feed. Users of DataMapper and ActiveRecord should have instant access to the id and created_at fields. Read Custom Options to find out how to modify these.

Your RSS feed also include three important fields:

  • title: Your feed's title (i.e. Brian's Emo Blog)
  • description: A description of your feed (i.e. I'm Brian and I like to cut myself.)
  • base_url: A base URL for your feed (i.e.

To set these fields just call the rss_options class method:

 BlogPost.rss_options[:title] = "My new not emo blog"
 BlogPost.rss_options[:description] = "Emo no more, I'm HipsterBrian now"
 BlogPost.rss_options[:base_url] = ""

You'll also want to modify the link_format option, which specifies the format of the links used in your site. A typical site will use the same URL for every item, changing only the ID of the post. An example of the link format for Brian's Hipster blog would be:

  BlogPost.rss_options[:link_format] = ""

ZOMGRSS would replace :id with the object's ID field.

Custom Options

Custom Method Names

If your class uses different names for the necessary methods (title, body and created_at) you can set them in the rss_options. If you had the following class:

 class BlogPost
   include DataMapper::Resource

   property :id, Serial
   property :title_text, String, :required => true
   property :description, Text, :required => true
   property :created, DateTime

You'd have to set the following options:

 BlogPost.rss_options[:title_method] = :title_text
 BlogPost.rss_options[:body_method] = :description
 BlogPost.rss_options[:date_method] = :created

And then call the to_rss class method as you normally would:


Custom Finders

Sometimes you'll want to create an RSS feed of only certain objects. By default ZOMGRSS uses :all as the finder, meaning it will call YourClass.all to find the records to be included in the feed. If you want to use a different finder you can modify it through the :finder option:

 class BlogPost < ActiveRecord::Base

   # return only 5 records
   named_scope :only_five, { :limit => 5 }

 BlogPost.rss_options[:finder] = :only_five
 BlogPost.to_rss  # => Will create a feed with only 5 items.

You can also pass options to your custom finders to use more complex queries:

 class BlogPost < ActiveRecord::Base

   # returns 'max-min' records
   named_scope :limit, lambda { |max, min| { :limit => (max - min) } }

 BlogPost.rss_options[:finder] = :limit
 BlogPost.rss_options[:finder_options] = [10,5]
 BlogPost.to_rss  # => Creates a feed with only 5 items.


Every RSS item needs to have an unique identifier. The current format used by ZOMGRSS follows the Movable Type convention: "id@" (as in 342@ If you need to change this you can set a custom GUID format:

 BlogPost.rss_options[:guid_format] = ""

ZOMGRSS will replace the :id in the format for the object's ID.


  • Allow the user to set global default options. Right now you'll have to set the default options for each new RSS feed you want to create.

  • Support for Atom?

  • Allow lambdas instead of methods in rss_options (useful to return a text snippet of a field).

  • Generate static .xml files.

  • Use blocks for options:

    BlogPost.rss_options do |options| options.title = "My emo blog" options.base_url = "" end

Most of these can be easily implemented but I haven't needed them so far. If you'd like to see them included please let me know through an Issue in the Github Tracker.