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RISCV port of the Slackware distribution
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RISCV port of the Slackware Distribution

This is my port of the Slackware Distribution for the RISCV ISA, following the slackware-current tree as close as posible.


Greencore Solutions is providing a dedicated Xeon server to run Qemu, an off-hours 100-node Xeon cluster for massive compilation, as well as a HiFive Unleashed Development Kit to be used as the main developing platform.

Since several attempts to ask SiFive for hardware where sadly ignored, we are providing this resources for other Risc-V projects or developers in Costa Rica that need the resources. If you do, please contact me.


Packages in repo: 822

Chroot size: 4.4G

The bulk of the package building for all package series is done, with a small porcentage of packages which had compile error or are missing support completely, managed as issues on github. This is mostly a TODO to keep track of failed builds, but also to encourage anyone to contribute to the project.


There is no complete installer at the moment, but you can still get a workable Slackware environment in minutes with this dirty alternative:

git clone
tar xJvf -C / slackware-current/slackware/a/pkgtools-*.txz
mkdir chroot
export CHROOT=$(pwd)/chroot
export SLACK_DIST=$(pwd)/
find $SLACK_DIST/slackware/ -type f -name aaa\*txz -exec installpkg --root $CHROOT {} \;
find $SLACK_DIST/slackware/ -type f -name *txz -exec installpkg --root $CHROOT {} \;
chroot chroot/


The base for this is the stage4 from Fedora, which you can learn how to install and use with ease in this Jupyter Notebook tutorial.

Feel free to submit any issues of parches/pull requests, excluding any binaries or complete packages (just changes in source/).

-- Alvaro Figueroa

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