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Aristotle Account Info

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An JSON array of users consists of

  1. User identity info from Globus,
    1. via or
    2. get_identities() call in globus_sdk.AuthClient class using Globus SDK.
  2. Array of Aristotle projects to which the user belongs:
        "id": "<globus sub>",
        "username": "<globus user name>",
        "status": "<globus user status>",
        "name": "<name>",
        "email": "<email address>", 
        "identity_provider": <UUID of identity provider>",
        "organization": "<organization name>",
        "projects": ["<Aristotle Project 1>", "<Aristotle Project 2>",....]

For example,

        "id": "99aa6ac7-8345-4743-a535-a179778cc13c",
        "username": "",
        "status": "used", 
        "name": "John E. Doe", 
        "email": "", 
        "identity_provider": "41143743-f3c8-4d60-bbdb-eeecaba85bd9", 
        "organization": "Cornell University"
        "projects": ["aristotle0001", "aristotle0002"]

Transport Mechanism

Access is locked down by IP address.