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Fleetrace desktop applications written in Delphi.
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This repository will contain a family of related Delphi projects side by side, so that you can compare them easily using a good merge tool. It is via the folder comparison view of that tool that you will be able to keep in control.


FR69 is the first application I am going to upload, more will follow.

How to build

The source code is for Delphi 10.2 (Tokyo) !

  • I am using Community Edition.
  • I am not using any third party components.
  • It should work with Delphi 10.3 (Rio).

Configure the output dirs

This should be done immediately after opening a project for the first time!

Please go to project options and restore the output directories for exe and dcus to be the original default for a new project:


Put this in both empty fields.

Delphi will recreate the .dproj locally from the dpr, because I have put the .dproj into gitignore, but it does not restore the original-new-project-default value for the output dirs, that is why.

Configure the style to be used

Since the .dproj was automatically recreated, the style reference is missing from the generated .dproj file.

Please go to project options and select/check the Style (appearance) to be included, Otherwise you will see an error window when the application starts.

At the bottom of the dpr file you can see a line that tries to set a style, e.g 'Silver'. Include that style.

About res files

I do not want to include the normal project-name.res file (see gitignore), so a new one will be recreated in your local repo when you compile.

I do include the other res files. The resources for these will go into a separate directory together with the bat file to compile the rc files.

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