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Emacs utilities for Gnome developers
Emacs Lisp
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This is a set of Emacs Lisp utilities to help Gnome developers.


Gnome-emacs-utils is distributed under the GNU General Public License
version 2 or later.  See the file COPYING for details.


Move this directory, or make a symbolic link, to

Then add the following to your .emacs file:

  (add-to-list 'load-path
  (require 'gnome-emacs-utils)

Current features

* Devhelp.  You can press [f7] and Devhelp will appear showing
  reference documentation for the word at the point.  For example, if
  the point is on any part of the "gtk_widget_show" token and you
  press [f7], Devhelp will appear with that function's documentation.

  Alternatively, you can press [f6] to toggle the "Devhelp assistant".
  This is a little window that shows you help for a *single* function
  (e.g. gtk_widget_show()) instead of the whole widget's documentation
  (GtkWidget).  When you move the Emacs point to another word, the
  assistant window will automatically show help for that new word,
  without you having to press anything else.  Press [f6] again to
  disable the Devhelp assistant.

* Mallard.  If you load a .page document (a Mallard XML file),
  nxml-mode will be used with the Mallard schema automatically loaded.
  This will give you completion for Mallard element names and
  attributes, and proper XML validation.

* Yasnippet.  There is a gnome-emacs-utils/snippets directory with
  snippets that you can use with Yasnippet, to auto-expand strings
  into fill-in forms (see for
  more information).

* gtk-doc documentation annotation:

      - You can press "C-x 4 h" to get a documentation header with
        gtk-doc format for the current function.

      - You can press "C-x 4 s" to add a documentation comment for a
        SECTION in the gtk-doc documentation.

Wanted features

* Now that we have gobject-introspection, use one of Emacs's
  typing completion libraries to implement "IntelliSense for Gnome


Federico Mena Quintero <>
Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>
Richard Hult <>
Erick Pérez Castellanos <>
Simon Kågedal Reimer <>

Bitcoin donations kindly accepted at 1Ad3TS5u1Tq1SAUsuC8pz9VwHQeU6KStdA
I (Federico) will redistribute donations to people who have contributed
to gnome-emacs-utils.
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