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Fedora Dockerfile used for creating documentation for the "Containers Best Practices" guide.

Get the version of Docker

# docker version

To build:

Copy the sources down -

sudo docker build -t fedora/container-best-practices .

To run:

This Docker image / container is meant to process asciidoc documentation for the following repository:

  • Clone the repo above
git clone
  • Change into the "container-best-practices" directory

  • Run the container and change the "-v" option to tpoin tot the location of the clone you just made. There are two ways to run this contianer; 1. with a "make" 2. with a "make clean".

  • To render a new set of docs; run it with a "make" and look at the results. You will see a labs.pdf and a labs.html. If you see those, it worked.

$ docker run --privileged -v /home/scollier/git_projects/container-best-practices:/workdir -dt fedora/docs make 

$ ls
content  docker  labs.adoc  labs.html  labs.pdf  labs.xml  Makefile  README.adoc  scripts
  • To clean up the directory to render a new set of docs, run the following command and look at the results. After running a "make clean", you should no longer see a labs.pdf or a labs.html. If those are gone, then the "make clean" worked.
$ docker run --privileged -v /home/scollier/git_projects/container-best-practices:/workdir -dt fedora/docs make clean

$ ls
content  docker  labs.adoc  Makefile  README.adoc  scripts