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(note: This originated from jbfink. It has been ported over to Fedora and made linkable with the mariadb container.)

Tested on Docker 1.4.1

(note: Eugene Ware has a Docker wordpress container build on nginx with some other goodies; you can check out his work here.)

This repo contains a recipe for making a Docker container for Wordpress, using Apache on Fedora, linked with a MariaDB/MySQL container. To build, make sure you have Docker installed, clone this repo somewhere, and then build both mariadb and wordpress images:

# cd mariadb
# docker build --rm -t <yourname>/mariadb .
# cd wordpress
# docker build --rm -t <yourname>/wordpress .

Quick start

Run the mariadb container:

# docker run --name=mydb -e USER=wordpress -e PASS=$(pwgen -s -1) -e NAME=wordpress -d <yourname>/mariadb

Then run the wordpress container, using the alias 'db' for the linked MariaDB container:

# CID=$(docker run -p 80 --link=mydb:db -d <yourname>/wordpress)

Then find the external port assigned to your container:

# docker port $CID 80 

Visit in a webrowser, then fill out the form. No need to mess with wp-config.php, it's been auto-generated with proper values.

Using volumes

To make sure the wordpress data is persistent, you'll want to use separate data volumes for the MariaDB database and the wordpress content (media, themes, plugins etc).

For the database:

# docker run -e USER=wordpress -e PASS=$(pwgen -s -1) -e NAME=wordpress \
    -v /mnt/db:/var/lib/mysql -d <yourname>/mariadb

If /mnt/db has already been initialised, make sure to use the correct values for USER, PASS, and NAME, rather than creating new ones.

For the wordpress instance:

# docker run --link=the-mariadb-container:db -p 80 \
    -v /mnt/wp-content:/var/www/html/wp-content -d <yourname>/wordpress

The container will generate a new wp-config.php based on the information provided by the linked container. Local configuration changes to wp-config.php will not persist when making a new wordpress container even if you are using a volume for wp-content.

If you remove the linked mariadb container and create a new one, you will need to update the DB_HOST setting in wp-config.php, or simply create a new wordpress container linked to the new mariadb container.