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A dynamic landing page for


Right now, the apps side of Fedora Infrastructure feels scattered and all over the place. It seems like I learn that a new thing exists every couple weeks and it seems like there's not a single easy place where you can stumble into everything.

That's what this page is for. I'm kind of barging ahead with it without consulting anyone else yet but I fully intend to take in criticism (and patches, really!) to make it more awesome and reflective of the community's desires.

You can see a demo version up at right now.


Sometimes you may have services that are only available over IPv6. In such situations, you can mark those as ipv6_only: true in the yaml and making your webserver serve a different version of js/config.js for IPv6 and IPv4.

One way to do this is by redirecting the requests to this file to another vhost, and have that vhost serve a different root directory for IPv4 vs IPv6.


If you want to help, please patch and enhance the data/apps.yaml file. You probably know more about ✨ Fedora ✨ than I do.


If you want to use this for another community site, feel free. Fork, tweak, and run the following to regenerate some of the static pieces from data/apps.yaml:

python bin/ > apps-yaml.html
python bin/ > js/data.js


Stop into #fedora-apps on freenode and say "hello".