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Release notes


This is a major release with many backwards incompatible changes.

Backwards incompatible changes

  • Values NULL and 0 are not allowed in update's stable_karma and unstable_karma (:issue:`1029`).
  • Updates no longer have a title attribute. This affects many elements of Bodhi's REST API, including URLs (update titles can no longer be used to reference updates, only aliases), REST API data structures, and Bodhi's messages (:issue:`186`, :issue:`1542`, :issue:`1714`, and :issue:`1946`).
  • The prefer_ssl setting has been renamed to libravatar_prefer_tls and now defaults to True instead of None (:issue:`1921`).
  • Integration with pkgdb is no longer supported (:issue:`1970`).
  • The /admin/ API has been removed (:issue:`1985`).
  • The relationship between Packages and Users was dropped. As a result, the packages parameter in users query API has also been removed (:issue:`1997`).
  • Support for CVE tracking was dropped. It was technically not possible to use the feature, so it is unlikely to affect any deployments (:issue:`1998`).
  • The processing update status has been removed (:issue:`1999`).
  • The /masher API has been removed (:issue:`2024`).
  • Default sqlalchemy.url setting points to PostgreSQL instead of SQLite (:issue:`2040`).
  • The Masher was renamed to Composer. As a result, the bodhi-clean-old-mashes script was renamed to bodhi-clean-old-composes, notification topics mashtask.start, mashtask.mashing, mashtask.complete, mashtask.sync.wait and mashtask.sync.done was renamed to compose.start, compose.composing, compose.complete, compose.sync.wait and compose.sync.done, configuration settings mash_dir, mash_stage_dir and max_concurrent_mashes was renamed to compose_dir, compose_stage_dir and max_concurrent_composes (:issue:`2151`).
  • The bodhi-monitor-composes script has been removed (:issue:`2171`).
  • The stacks feature has been removed (:issue:`2241`).
  • The bodhi-manage-releases script has been removed (:issue:`2420`).
  • Support for anonymous comments was dropped. As a result, the anonymous field on the Comment object was removed and comments query API parameter anonymous was dropped. All captcha.* settings were removed (:issue:`2700`).
  • Bodhi client and server no longer support Python 2. Python 3.6+ are the only supported Python releases (:issue:`2759`).
  • Support for the ci_url on the Build object was dropped (:issue:`2782`).
  • Support for active_releases parameter in updates query API was dropped (:issue:`2815`).
  • Support for fedmsg has been dropped (:issue:`2838`).
  • The /updates/ALIAS/TITLE API has been removed (:issue:`2869`).
  • Support for update's old_updateid was dropped (:issue:`2903`).
  • The UI no longer has fedmsg integrations to show events happening elsewhere in Bodhi (:issue:`2913`).
  • Support for update's greenwave_unsatisfied_requirements was dropped (:issue:`2958`).
  • The batching feature was dropped, and thus updates can no longer be in the batched request state. As a result, the bodhi-dequeue-stable CLI has also been removed (:issue:`2977`).
  • Support for obsolete scripts in tools folder was dropped (:issue:`2980`).
  • Support for update's greenwave_summary_string has been dropped (:issue:`1339` and :issue:`2988`).
  • Bug objects no longer include a private field (:issue:`3016`).
  • The CLI now defaults to the --wait flag when creating or editing buildroot overrides. The old behavior can be achieved with the --no-wait flag (:issue:`3006`).
  • All messages and API responses that serialize updates no longer have a submitter field. This was redundant with the included field, and was only in place for compatibility with Bodhi 1 which was EOL many years ago (:issue:`3144`).
  • All of Bodhi's fedmsgs have been changed. A new bodhi.messages packages has been added with new published message schemas. Note that only the fields listed in the documented schemas are supported in Bodhi 4, even though Bodhi still sends messages similar to the messages it sent in the past. Message consumers should not rely on any undocumented fields in these messages. If you need information that is not included in the supported schema, please work with the Bodhi project to get the schema adjusted accordingly. Bodhi's messages are now documented in :doc:`../server_api/index`.

Dependency changes

  • pkgdb is no longer required (:issue:`1970`).
  • cryptography is no longer required (:issue:`2700`).
  • Fonts are no longer required for the captcha (Bodhi previously defaulted to using liberation-mono-fonts, but this wasn't a strict requirement since the font was configurable) (:issue:`2700`).
  • pillow is no longer required (:issue:`2700`).
  • six is no longer required for the client or server (:issue:`2759`).
  • bodhi-server now depends on bodhi-messages.
  • kitchen is no longer required (:issue:`3094`).
  • hawkey is no longer required.
  • PyYAML is now a required dependency (:issue:`3174`).
  • Bodhi now requires Python 3.6 or greater (:issue:`2856`).
  • Bodhi no longer uses or works with fedmsg.
  • Backoff is now a required dependency (:issue:`3237`).

Server upgrade instructions

The Bodhi server must be upgraded from Bodhi 3.13.0 or newer to 4.0.0 (i.e., it is not supported to upgrade a server older than 3.13.0 directly to 4.0.0 as 4.0.0 has trimmed database migrations from the older releases.

This release contains database migrations. To apply them, run:

$ sudo -u apache /usr/bin/alembic -c /etc/bodhi/alembic.ini upgrade head


  • Bodhi now provides a RateLimiter log filter and documents how to use it. Together with pyramid_sawing it is now possible to get rate limited e-mail tracebacks from the web server (:issue:`969`).
  • All updates in a release are set to obsolete status when the release is archived (:issue:`2204`).
  • Bodhi will now comment on updates when their test gating status changes (:issue:`2210`).
  • bodhi-push now blocks composing retired releases (:issue:`2555`).
  • A new bodhi.messages Python package has been added as a convenience for Python consumers who wish to subscribe to Bodhi's messages (:issue:`2842`).
  • Bodhi can now create zchunked updateinfo.xml files (:issue:`2904`).
  • The server has a new warm_cache_on_start setting, defaulting to True. It is mostly useful when developing Bodhi and controls whether the Bodhi initialization should build caches or not (:issue:`2942`).
  • The compose states are now documented (:issue:`2974`).
  • Added a database index on build.update_id, which sped up some common queries (:issue:`3038`).
  • Log messages are emitted when buildroot overrides are expired to explain why they were expired (:issue:`3060`).
  • A missing database index was discovered on comments.update_id. Adding it improved performance of a common query by about 99.7% and as a result many Bodhi operations are much faster now, including update retrieval in the API, CLI, and web UI (:issue:`3062` and :issue:`3201`).
  • The CLI now allows users to add and remove builds from updates with --addbuilds and --removebuilds flags (:issue:`3125`).
  • Users can now use markdown to easily reference GCC and Sourceware tickets (:issue:`3129`).
  • A new log message is emitted when an update is blocked due to test gating (:issue:`3143`).
  • The CLI can now download debuginfo with the new --debuginfo flag (:issue:`3148`).

Bug fixes

  • Since the active_releases query parameter was dropped, an issue causing strange pagination results is no longer present (:issue:`2316`).
  • Waiver details are now displayed in the web UI (:issue:`2365`).
  • The JavaScript will no longer crash when run in Fedora's staging environment (:issue:`2523`).
  • Fixed a crash in Bodhi's error handler (:issue:`2588`).
  • Fixed a crash on the HTML rendering of /composes/ when composes were in a particular state (:issue:`2826`).
  • Correctly handle ConnectionResetError in the Composer (:issue:`2850`).
  • The CLI's composes info subcommand is now documented in its man page (:issue:`2927`).
  • The mail.templates_basepath setting is now documented (:issue:`2931`).
  • Fixed pipeline results showing with heading 'undefined' (:issue:`2969`).
  • Compare enum values instead of descriptions (:issue:`3012` and :issue:`3119`).
  • The bodhi-approve-testing script is a lot less chatty (:issue:`3021`).
  • Bodhi's API can now serialize internal server errors as JSON so that the clients can properly display error messages (:issue:`3035`).
  • The --composed-by-bodhi flag is now documented in the bodhi man page (:issue:`3085`).
  • A variety of spelling and grammatical errors were fixed (:issue:`3131`).
  • Bodhi's markdown now uses TLS for links to pear in its markdown (:issue:`3173`).
  • Stop using an API that dnf removed (:issue:`3198`).
  • Do not crash on invalid RSS requests (:issue:`3227`).

Development improvements

  • Removed flash_log, since it didn't make sense (:issue:`1165`).
  • Removed some useless assert statements (:issue:`1200`, :issue:`2848`, and :issue:`2888`).
  • An unused enum value was removed (:issue:`1999`).
  • The integration tests now run against all supported Fedora releases (:issue:`2824`).
  • Bodhi's release process is now documented (:issue:`2918`).
  • met_testing_requirements() got a much needed rename and refactor (:issue:`3158`).
  • The Vagrant box now uses the same number of CPUs as the host (:issue:`3197`).
  • Numerous docblock corrections and improvements.
  • Introduced type annotation to a few modules and added CI enforcement on them with mypy.
  • Numerous improvements have been made to Bodhi's CI tests, including expanded test coverage.
  • The Vagrant environment now uses unsafe IO for a small speed boost.
  • The integration tests run more efficiently now.


The following developers contributed to Bodhi 4.0.0:

  • Adam Williamson
  • Anatoli Babenia
  • Aurélien Bompard
  • Clement Verna
  • Jeremy Cline
  • Jonathan Dieter
  • Josh Soref
  • Mattia Verga
  • Miro Hrončok
  • Nils Philippsen
  • Owen W. Taylor
  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Sebastian Wojciechowski
  • Troy Dawson
  • Randy Barlow

Older releases

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