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Evaluate Release.create_automatic_updates for automatic updates.

This makes the automatic update consumer compare the tags in tagged
builds to the candidate tags of releases which have automatic updates
enabled. Previously, this was defined in the instance configuration
which would have required restarting the instance after changes.

Signed-off-by: Nils Philippsen <>
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nphilipp committed May 3, 2019
1 parent b6a1f84 commit 56b19ee788d9984be7de170f13f9f09a23d56a2f
@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@

import logging
import re
import typing

import fedora_messaging

@@ -67,53 +66,6 @@ def __init__(self, db_factory: transactional_session_maker = None):
self.db_factory = db_factory

def _read_configuration(cls):
"""Extract release <-> tags information from the configuration once."""
if getattr(cls, '_configuration_read', False):

cls._rels_to_tags = {}
cls._tags_to_rels = {}

for k, v in config.items():
m = cls._auto_update_cfg_key_re.match(k)

if not m:

rname ='releasename')
subkey ='subkey')

if subkey != 'from_tags':

tags = []

for tag in (x.strip() for x in v.split(',')):
if tag in cls._tags_to_rels:
log.warning(f"Tag used twice, ignoring release/tag pairing: {rname!r}, {tag!r}")
cls._tags_to_rels[tag] = rname

if tags:
cls._rels_to_tags[rname] = tags

cls._configuration_read = True

def rels_to_tags(self) -> typing.Dict[str, typing.List[str]]:
"""Map release names to tag names."""
return self._rels_to_tags

def tags_to_rels(self) -> typing.Dict[str, str]:
"""Map tag names to release names."""
return self._tags_to_rels

def __call__(self, message: fedora_messaging.api.Message) -> None:
"""Create updates from appropriately tagged builds.
@@ -126,25 +78,27 @@ def __call__(self, message: fedora_messaging.api.Message) -> None:
log.debug("Ignoring message without 'msg'.")

btag = msg.get('tag')

if btag not in self.tags_to_rels:
log.debug(f"Ignoring build being tagged into {btag!r}.")

missing = []
for mandatory in ('build_id', 'name', 'version', 'release'):
for mandatory in ('tag', 'build_id', 'name', 'version', 'release'):
if mandatory not in msg:
if missing:
raise BodhiException(f"Received incomplete tag message. Missing: {', '.join(missing)}")

btag = msg['tag']
bname = msg['name']
bversion = msg['version']
brelease = msg['release']
bnvr = f'{bname}-{bversion}-{brelease}'

with self.db_factory() as dbsession:
rel = dbsession.query(Release).filter_by(create_automatic_updates=True,
if not rel:
log.debug(f"Ignoring build being tagged into {btag!r}, no release configured for "
"automatic updates for it found.")

koji = buildsys.get_session()

kbuildinfo = koji.getBuild(bnvr)
@@ -161,14 +115,6 @@ def __call__(self, message: fedora_messaging.api.Message) -> None:
'nvr': kbuildinfo['nvr'].rsplit('-', 2),

rname = self._tags_to_rels[btag]

rel = Release.get(rname)

if not rel:
raise BodhiException(f"Would create automatic update for {bnvr}, but release"
f" {rname!r} is missing.")

bcls = ContentType.infer_content_class(Build, kbuildinfo)
build = bcls.get(bnvr)
if build:
@@ -105,7 +105,9 @@ def populate(db):
branch='f17', state=ReleaseState.current)
branch='f17', state=ReleaseState.current,
# This mock will help us generate a consistent update alias.
@@ -260,7 +260,7 @@ def create_update(self, build_nvrs, release_name='F17'):
return create_update(self.db, build_nvrs, release_name)

def create_release(self, version):
def create_release(self, version, create_automatic_updates=False):
Create and return a :class:`Release` with the given version.
@@ -279,7 +279,9 @@ def create_release(self, version):
branch='f{}'.format(version), state=models.ReleaseState.current)
branch='f{}'.format(version), state=models.ReleaseState.current,
models.Release._all_releases = None
models.Release._tag_cache = None
@@ -17,17 +17,15 @@
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
"""These are tests for the bodhi.server.consumers.automatic_updates module."""

from contextlib import contextmanager
from copy import deepcopy
from unittest import mock
import logging
import re

from fedora_messaging.api import Message
import _pytest.logging
import pytest

from bodhi.server.consumers.automatic_updates import AutomaticUpdateHandler, config
from bodhi.server.consumers.automatic_updates import AutomaticUpdateHandler
from bodhi.server.exceptions import BodhiException
from bodhi.server.models import Build, Update, UpdateType, User
from bodhi.tests.server import base
@@ -46,44 +44,15 @@ def messages(self):
_pytest.logging.LogCaptureFixture = MonkeyLogCaptureFixture

def tweaked_configuration():
"""Context manager for handling tweaked configuration.
AutomaticUpdateHandler caches some items of the configuration in the class.
Subsequently tweaked configuration is ineffective unless forced to be
re-read, which is what this context manager does, both for the code run in
context and any subsequent use of AutomaticUpdateHandler objects.
with tweaked_configuration(), ...:
# tweak the configuration
# do the things
# original configuration is re-read
# force reading in mock configuration
del AutomaticUpdateHandler._configuration_read

# do the things in context

# re-read real configuration for subsequent tests
del AutomaticUpdateHandler._configuration_read

class TestAutomaticUpdateHandler(base.BasePyTestCase):
"""Test the automatic update handler."""

def setup_method(self, method):
"""Set up environment for each test."""

self.release = self.create_release('47', create_automatic_updates=True)

msg = {
'build_id': 442562,
'name': 'colord',
@@ -140,49 +109,6 @@ def test___init___without_db_factory(self, transactional_session_maker):
assert handler.db_factory is transactional_session_maker.return_value

def test_release_configuration_is_cached(self):
"""Assert that release/tag configuration is only read once."""
# access configuration properties once
rels_to_tags = self.handler.rels_to_tags
tags_to_rels = self.handler.tags_to_rels

# assert the dicts aren't recreated
assert rels_to_tags is self.handler.rels_to_tags
assert tags_to_rels is self.handler.tags_to_rels

def test_wonky_configuration(self, caplog):
"""Assert that the code copes well with 'wonky' configuration.
Things that should be handled:
- unknown subkeys to *.autoupdates should be ignored
- tags defined to create automatic updates for more than one release
should only apply to the first release

mock_config = {
'release.autoupdates.hahaha': 'boo',
'release.autoupdates.from_tags': 'tag1, tag2',
'otherrelease.autoupdates.from_tags': 'tag2, tag3',
'yetanotherrelease.autoupdates.from_tags': 'tag3',

with tweaked_configuration(), mock.patch.dict(config, values=mock_config, clear=True):
assert 'release' in self.handler.rels_to_tags
assert 'tag1' in self.handler.rels_to_tags['release']
assert 'tag2' in self.handler.rels_to_tags['release']

assert 'otherrelease' in self.handler.rels_to_tags
assert 'tag2' not in self.handler.rels_to_tags['otherrelease']
assert 'tag3' in self.handler.rels_to_tags['otherrelease']

assert 'yetanotherrelease' not in self.handler.rels_to_tags

assert ("Tag used twice, ignoring release/tag pairing: 'otherrelease', 'tag2'"
in caplog.messages)
assert ("Tag used twice, ignoring release/tag pairing: 'yetanotherrelease', 'tag3'"
in caplog.messages)

# Test robustness: malformed messages, unknown koji builds, incomplete
# buildinfo, release missing from the DB

@@ -231,20 +157,6 @@ def test_incomplete_koji_buildinfo_owner(self, caplog):
assert(f"Koji build {sample_nvr} without owner name, creating update anonymously."
in caplog.messages)

def test_missing_release(self):
"""Test configured release missing from DB."""
mock_config = dict(config)
mock_config['missingrelease.autoupdates.from_tags'] = mock_config.pop(

with tweaked_configuration(), mock.patch.dict(
config, values=mock_config, clear=True
), pytest.raises(BodhiException,
match=re.compile(r"Would create automatic update for .*, but release "
r"'.*' is missing.")):

def test_missing_user(self, caplog):
"""Test Koji build user missing from DB."""
@@ -289,7 +201,8 @@ def test_ignored_tag(self, caplog):
msg.body['msg']['tag'] = bogus_tag

assert f"Ignoring build being tagged into '{bogus_tag}'." in caplog.messages
assert any(x.startswith(f"Ignoring build being tagged into '{bogus_tag}'")
for x in caplog.messages)

def test_duplicate_message(self, caplog):
"""Assert that duplicate messages ignore existing build/update."""

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