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@bowlofeggs bowlofeggs released this Sep 18, 2017


  • Bodhi now batches non-urgent updates together for less frequent churn. There is a new
    bodhi-dequeue-stable CLI that is intended be added to cron that looks for batched updates and
    moves them to stable


  • Improved bugtracker linking in markdown input
  • Don't disable autopush when the update is already requested for stable
  • There is now a timeout on fetching results from ResultsDB in the backend
  • Critical path updates now have positive days_to_stable and will only comment about pushing to
    stable when appropriate

Development improvements

  • More docblocks have been written.

Release contributors

The following developers contributed to Bodhi 2.11.0:

  • Caleigh Runge-Hottman
  • Ryan Lerch
  • Rimsha Khan
  • Randy Barlow
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