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""" Utilities for fedbadges that don't quite fit anywhere else. """
import json
import types
import logging
log = logging.getLogger("moksha.hub")
import fedmsg
import requests
# This is used for our queries against pkgdb
from dogpile.cache import make_region
_cache = make_region()
# These are here just so they're available in globals()
# for compiling lambda expressions
import re
import fedmsg.config
import fedmsg.encoding
import fedmsg.meta
from fedmsg_meta_fedora_infrastructure.fasshim import nick2fas
except ImportError as e:
log.warn("Could not import nick2fas: %r" % e)
def construct_substitutions(msg):
""" Convert a fedmsg message into a dict of substitutions. """
subs = {}
for key1 in msg:
if isinstance(msg[key1], dict):
('.'.join([key1, key2]), val2)
for key2, val2 in construct_substitutions(msg[key1]).items()
subs[key1] = msg[key1]
elif isinstance(msg[key1], basestring):
subs[key1] = msg[key1].lower()
subs[key1] = msg[key1]
return subs
def format_args(obj, subs):
""" Recursively apply a substitutions dict to a given criteria subtree """
if isinstance(obj, dict):
for key in obj:
obj[key] = format_args(obj[key], subs)
elif isinstance(obj, list):
return [format_args(item, subs) for item in obj]
elif isinstance(obj, basestring) and obj[2:-2] in subs:
obj = subs[obj[2:-2]]
elif isinstance(obj, (int, float)):
obj = obj % subs
return obj
def single_argument_lambda_factory(expression, argument, name='value'):
""" Compile and execute a lambda expression with a single argument """
code = compile("lambda %s: %s" % (name, expression), __file__, "eval")
func = types.LambdaType(code, globals())()
return func(argument)
def recursive_lambda_factory(obj, arg, name='value'):
""" Given a dict, find any lambdas, compile, and execute them. """
if isinstance(obj, dict):
for key in obj:
if key == 'lambda':
# If so, *replace* the parent dict with the result of the expr
obj = single_argument_lambda_factory(obj[key], arg, name)
obj[key] = recursive_lambda_factory(obj[key], arg, name)
elif isinstance(obj, list):
return [recursive_lambda_factory(e, arg, name) for e in obj]
return obj
def graceful(default_return_value):
""" A decorator that gracefully handles exceptions. """
def decorate(method):
def inner(self, *args, **kwargs):
return method(self, *args, **kwargs)
except Exception as e:
log.error("From method: %r self: %r args: %r kwargs: %r" % (
method, self, args, kwargs))
return default_return_value
return inner
return decorate
def notification_callback(topic, msg):
""" This is a callback called by tahrir_api whenever something
it deems important has happened.
It is just used to publish fedmsg messages.
def get_pkgdb_packages_for(config, username):
""" Retrieve the list of packages where the specified user some acl.
:arg config: a dict containing the fedmsg config
:arg username: the fas username of the packager whose packages are of
:return: a set listing all the packages where the specified user has
some ACL.
if not hasattr(_cache, 'backend'):
def _getter(username):
if config.get('fedbadges.rules.utils.use_pkgdb2', True):
return _get_pkgdb2_packages_for(config, username)
return _get_pkgdb1_packages_for(config, username)
return _getter(username)
def _get_pkgdb2_packages_for(config, username):
log.debug("Requesting pkgdb2 packages for user %r" % username)
req = requests.get('{0}/packager/acl/{1}'.format(
config['fedbadges.rules.utils.pkgdb_url'], username))
if not req.status_code == 200:
return set()
data = json.loads(req.text)
packages = set()
for pkgacl in data['acls']:
if pkgacl['status'] != 'Approved':
log.debug("done talking with pkgdb2 for now.")
return packages
# TODO -- delete this once pkgdb2 goes live.
def _get_pkgdb1_packages_for(config, username):
log.debug("Requesting pkgdb1 packages for user %r" % username)
pkgdb1_base_url = config['fedbadges.rules.utils.pkgdb_url']
req = requests.get('{0}/users/packages/{1}?tg_format=json'.format(
pkgdb1_base_url, username))
if not req.status_code == 200:
return set()
data = json.loads(req.text)
packages = set([pkg['name'] for pkg in data['pkgs']])
log.debug("done talking with pkgdb1 for now.")
return packages
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