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config = {
# We need to tell the fedmsg-hub that it should load our consumer on start.
"fedmsg.consumers.badges.enabled": True,
# This tells the consumer where to look for its BadgeRule definitions. It
# may be a relative or an absolute path on the file system.
"": "tests/test_badges",
# Number of seconds to delay before consuming a message for our event loop.
# This is here to help us mitigate distributed race conditions between
# fedbadges and datanommer.
"badges.consume_delay": 1,
# This is a dictionary of tahrir-related configuration
"badges_global": {
# This is a sqlalchemy URI that points to the tahrir DB. In
# production, this will be a postgres URI.
"database_uri": "sqlite:////tmp/test-badges-sqlite.db",
# This is a set of data that tells our consumer what Open Badges Issuer
# should be kept as the issuer of all the badges we create.
"badge_issuer": dict(
issuer_id='Fedora Project',
issuer_name='Fedora Project',
# Some configuration for the pkgdb criteria handler
"fedbadges.rules.utils.use_pkgdb2": False,
"fedbadges.rules.utils.pkgdb_url": '',
#"fedbadges.rules.utils.pkgdb_url": "",
"fedbadges.rules.cache": {
"backend": "dogpile.cache.dbm",
"expiration_time": 300,
"arguments": {
"filename": "/var/tmp/fedbadges-cache.dbm",
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