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[RFE] fedmsg feeds for fedorahosted. #131

leamas opened this Issue · 6 comments

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It would be nice if the project events on fedorahosted was fed into fedmsg. Examples include the Trac instance (primarely the ticket lifecycle) and the git repositories.

The git stuff should be piece of cake, just some default post-commit hooks sending info to the bus. The trac thing needs to be written, but trac is designed for plugins, and there seem to be plenty of boilerplate code out there.

I understand the organizational issues here. Still, having some standard git post-commit hooks and trac plugins could be part of the fedmsg project IMHO.




We discussed it in an infra meeting back in May/June 2012 and decided "let's not go there yet" since everything was still so new. Let's bring it up in an infrastructure IRC meeting next week and see what other admins think.

@ralphbean ralphbean closed this

Thanks, great work!

What are the messages generated? Is everything 'trac.ticket.update' or are there others?


Following on the question from @leamas, the list of topics is not up to date then


@pypingou I filed a ticket to get that topics doc updated.

@leamas, in the meantime, you can see examples of messsages and what they mean in the unit tests here:

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