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Fedora Review Server
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Fedora Review Server


To download the project, open your terminal and type the following command

	$ git clone
	$ cd fresque
	$ python install

It will clone and install the project on your local machine


Fresque is a Flask application. The review data is stored into a relational database using SQLAlchemy as Object Relational Mapper and alembic to handle database schema changes.

The dependecies can be found in requirements.txt

Running a development instance:

First lets make a seperate virtual environment for the project to avoid conflicts of its dependecy with other python packages. after that install virtualenv wrapper which provides better CLI interface for the virtualenv.

	$ yum install python-virtualenv
	$ yum install python-virtualenvwrapper

Note: If you are using fedora >= 22, use dnf instead of yum

Close and reopen your terminal.

Create a seperate virtualenv for this project.

	// create a virtualenv named fresque
	$ mkvirtualenv fresque
	// if not automatically switched to fresque virtualenv, then type
	$ workon fresque
	// now your bash prompt line will change to
	(fresque) $

Now clone the source:

	$ git clone
	$ cd fresque
	$ pip install -r requirements.txt
	// set up the database before running the server
	$ python
	// now start the server
	$ python

Thats all now head to http://localhost:5000


Currently fresque doesn't have any unit tests.


This project is licensed GPLv3+.

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