A pubsubhubbub application that rebroadcasts github events on the fedmsg bus
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A bot broadcasts every action made on your repo hosted on GitHub on the fedmsg message bus.

It is a web application that monitors GitHub repositories you subscribe it to. When new actions (commits, pull-request, tickets) are made, it broadcasts a message on the fedmsg message bus.

It is written in Python on the Pyramid framework, and uses velruse to talk with GitHub. It adds a webhook callback back to itself on repositories you ask it to monitor. When one of those callbacks fire, github2fedmsg republishes the message it receives to the fedmsg bus.


If you run into trouble with these instructions, feel free to open a ticket or get in touch with me directly.

Fork and clone the following two repositories:

Using virtualenvwrapper:

$ cd github2fedmsg
$ mkvirtualenv github2fedmsg
$ python setup.py develop
$ pip install waitress

Go off and register your development application with GitHub. Save the oauth tokens and add the secret one to a new file you create called secret.ini. Use the example secret.ini.example file.

Create the database:

$ initialize_github2fedmsg_db development.ini

Now, start the webapp:

$ workon github2fedmsg
$ pserve development.ini --reload