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Remove attributes on cookies as this is a client-side generated cookie

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commit 1c3b6fc4b9bdf251ad21a8c267858bd323f23852 1 parent 6032dfd
@abadger abadger authored
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  1. +4 −4 fedora/client/
8 fedora/client/
@@ -304,10 +304,10 @@ def send_request(self, method, req_params=None, auth_params=None,
# If we have a session_id, send it
if session_id:
# Anytime the session_id exists, send it so that visit tracking
- # works. Will also authenticate us if there's a need.
- cookies.set(self.session_name, session_id,
- secure=True, domain=self.domain,
- rest={'HttpOnly': True})
+ # works. Will also authenticate us if there's a need. Note that
+ # there's no need to set other cookie attributes because this is a
+ # cookie generated client-side.
+ cookies.set(self.session_name, session_id)
complete_params = req_params or {}
if session_id:

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