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supybot-fedora is a Limnoria (supybot) plugin for general Fedora Community actions. It implements the following commands:

  • admins
  • badges
  • dctime
  • fas
  • fasinfo
  • group
  • hellomynameis
  • himynameis
  • karma
  • localtime
  • members
  • mirroradmins
  • nextmeeting
  • nextmeetings
  • pulls
  • pushduty
  • quote
  • refresh
  • showticket
  • sponsors
  • swedish
  • vacation
  • what
  • whoowns
  • wiki
  • wikilink

Development Environment

Vagrant allows contributors to get quickly up and running with a Noggin development environment by automatically configuring a virtual machine. To get started, first install the Vagrant and Virtualization packages needed, and start the libvirt service:

$ sudo dnf install ansible libvirt vagrant-libvirt vagrant-sshfs vagrant-hostmanager
$ sudo systemctl enable libvirtd
$ sudo systemctl start libvirtd

Check out the code and run vagrant up:

$ git clone
$ cd supybot-fedora
$ vagrant up

To test out the bot, use an IRC client to connect to irc.supybot.test with the nick dudemcpants, who has owner permissions over the bot. Finally, join the #test channel, which supybot should also be in.

in the #test channel, prefix commands with ., e.g. .nextmeetings. But the prefix is not needed when DMing supybot.

There are also the following commands to interact with the bot, and the bot logs:

$ fedora-supybot-start
$ fedora-supybot-stop
$ fedora-supybot-restart
$ fedora-supybot-logs