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Fedora 26 Boltron - content tracking

List of modules to be included in the F26 Boltron compose


In order for a module to be included in Boltron release, the module, and all of its build and runtime dependencies, need to be built in koji from the f26 branch. The difference between yes and pending states is that Factory 2.0 team verifies this requirement.

It is easily possible to break this requirement for all modules just by building a module from master branch. Hence if such module would be dependency of shared-userspace and common-build-depedencies modules, all modules would be transitively dependent on it and thus would need to be rebuilt against a properly built module.

Ready for compose:

  • yes - the Factory 2.0 team confirmed it's ready
  • pending - the Modularity team believes it's ready, waiting for Factory 2.0 confirmation
  • no - excluded from the Fedora 26 Boltron release
  • needs rebuild now - Someone from Modularity has to rebuild the module, because the current build depends on other modules built from "master" stream.
  • needs rebuild after foo - Someone from Modularity has to rebuild the module after the module foo is rebuilt.
Module name Ready for compose Koji build Image in registry Notes
container-runtime yes 1186 built using bootstrap module
shared-userspace yes 1224
mariadb yes 893775 should be fixed
memcached yes 890176 memcached
haproxy yes 890180 haproxy
perl yes 888672 perl
postgresql yes 895240
**mongodb ** yes 890792
perl-libintl-perl yes 888373
perl-Unicode-EastAsianWidth yes 888371
httpd yes 890082 using bootstrap
nginx yes 868673 nginx using bootstrap
dhcp yes 1163 dhcp-client
varnish yes 19513341 built using bootstrap module
nodejs yes 19496188
php yes 891394
bind no wrong branch in distgit
source-to-image yes 895876 using bootstrap
microdnf no 885826
python2 no Cant do, some builed troubles
python3 no in BRT
proftpd no
sssd yes 896001 using bootstrap
dhcp-server yes 881907 dhcp-server
postfix yes 896564 postfix
installer yes
dnf yes
shim yes


List of modules to be included in the F26 Boltron compose



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