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This repository contains source code for legacy System V initscripts, which are primarily used in Linux distributions like e.g.:

Since most of the major Linux distributions have already switched to systemd, the initscripts concept is quite outdated nowadays. As a result, this repository provides primarily only the support for other initscripts that might still exist out there.

The above mentioned support includes e.g. the /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions or /usr/sbin/service files.

Another functionality this source code provides includes:

  • network-scripts - legacy scripts for manipulating of network devices
  • readonly-root - service for configuring the read-only root support
  • netconsole - service for initializing of network console logging

For the RPM based distributions we also provide a specfile for easier packaging.

Future of initscripts

As mentioned above, the initscripts concept is outdated nowadays, and de-facto obsolete. Most of the work on this repository is just a maintenance, and we do not plan on extending the support for initscripts in the future in any way.

We intend to convert the rest of the remaining services into systemd units, and remove them eventually if possible.

And we have also started our work on decomissioning of network-scripts as well. This means no new functionality will be added into them. In case you need some you should ask for it to be implemented in NetworkManager, if it isn't already.

No longer active branches

Follow the steps in our wiki - how to access inactive branches - in case you need to check out old git branches for any reason.

Bugs reporting

If you find a bug, we would like to hear about it -- although we can't guarantee we will be able to fix it... The best way to report bugs differs for each distribution:

  • RHEL | CentOS - create a bug report in bugzilla for corresponding RHEL version
  • Fedora | Other - create a new issue directly here on GitHub

NOTE: Bug reports created for Fedora in bugzilla usually take a lot of time to resolve. We advise to use GitHub instead.