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Simple bash script to generate random passwords.
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For installation instructions see INSTALL.

passwords -- Random Password Generator.

To run simply type on command line:


This program will output (100) random passwords containing letters in mixed
case, numbers and punctuation signs. By default passwords length is 8. You can
config passwords length simply by specifying number on command line:

passwords 12

will output passwords of length 12. Currently accepted passwords lengths are
from 1 to 12. By default it actually generates pseudo-random passwords. If you
want TRULY random passwords, specify -p (or --paranoid) parameter on command

passwords -p

will output truly random passwords but you have to wait for that... probably
several minutes, in the mean time continue do some other stuff and check from
time to time if it's finished. (This is because of the need to refill random
entropy pool.) This option also will output only 10 passwords, and not 100.
If you want different behaviour, you can mix different parameters in different
order. (Order of parameters does not matter.) Other two parameters are:
--help will output short usage information
--version will output version of the script

For copying/licensing conditions see COPYING.
For TODO list see TODO.
If you have any questions or suggestions send them to <>
If you found a bug send it to <>
Patches are welcome!
Copyright (C) 2011  Leonid V. Fedorenchik <>
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