Jean-Paul Sartre • WordPress Theme for “Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit”
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Jean-Paul Sartre

WordPress Theme for “Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit”

Getting started

I created this theme for my own blog: it still lacks support for features I didn’t need (such as tags and search); I plan to add them later. In order to get it running, read Instructions and Installing.


First, you need to build the theme CSS and JavaScript files. Since it’s a development version – I haven’t submitted it to the Themes Directory yet – you can manually edit the sources before installing and I strongly suggest to do so, because some variables must be modified to suit your needs. Check functions.php comments on the code to see which ones; from the next version I’ll implement those directly on the WordPress dashboard. Once ready, just run…


…and move forward to Installing. Have a look at the Prerequisites to understand which plugins you need to install and how to do it, if you’re not familiar with Gulp. I haven’t included the compiled files here, because you’ll be able to download them from in the near future. These sources will be updated before any public release there.


It’s a standard WordPress theme: copy the downloaded jps directory under the /wp-content/themes path of your website and activate it from the dashboard. Don’t forget to modify the empty variables in functions.php and to build the CSS – as well as the JavaScript – required files or it won’t work as expected.



This theme is translation-ready. An Italian translation is already available in /languages with the source template: if you want to add yours, create a new pull request. I used the WordPress i18n Tools from the command line (instead of the well-known Poedit) to generate these files, but I don’t mind if you do otherwise; make sure to include your full name and e-mail address to show your contribution there too. I’ll manually add you to the list of translators in both the template and this file, if you don’t.


I follow the WordPress Coding Standards as strictly as I can. TBH, I don’t like them much, because I like two spaces alone more than four with tabs for indentation. Anyway, this theme fits their requirements: if your editor supports it, you can make use of the .editorconfig file for doing the same. I know I need to improve my comments on the code; please, be kind.


© 2018 Federico Moretti. Some rights reserved. Released under a GPL-3.0 license.