A Java API for the yahoo weather service
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A Java library for the yahoo weather service.

The library is a lightweight wrapper for the Yahoo Weather API (http://developer.yahoo.com/weather/).

The only required dependency is the slf4j-api library.

Usage example:

YahooWeatherService service = new YahooWeatherService();
Channel channel = service.getForecast("2502265", DegreeUnit.CELSIUS);

Dependency declaration:



* 2.0.2 Fixes time parsing when minutes are not padded.
* 2.0.1 Fixes RFC822 date parsing. Fixed lastBuildDate field parsing.
* 2.0.0 Changed whole implementation to use YQL for querying
* 1.2.0 YahooWeatherService constructor now accepts a Proxy to be used during service connections
* 1.1.0 Updated data model: Atmosphere and Wind numeric values have been replaced by corresponding Classes (int to Integer and float to Float) in order to support "missing" values in Weather system response.
* 1.0.1 fixed issues on Date parsing and local settings
* 1.0.0 first release