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Feedback collecting web service.


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Understand your users' needs.

Collect feedback from people easily while also improving your business with Feedbacky, a free and open source software.

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Getting Started

Interested in having your own Feedbacky instance? Awesome! There are two ways that you can proceed.

1. Cloud-hosted

This is the simplest way to get started with using Feedbacky, all you have to do is create a board and we will handle the hosting.

Create your own board.

Currently, cloud-hosted instances are entirely free with some quota limitations, you can read more about that here.

2. Self-hosted

Host Feedbacky on your own hardware or with a Virtual Private Server (VPS). We have a complete guide covering the necessaries that is also friendly for Linux newbies!

Self-hosting Feedbacky.

Case Studies

We created Feedbacky to help others, read the case studies of people who are using it to improve their projects/products.


Arcaniax Brennian uses Feedbacky to improve their Arceon Minecraft plugin;

I use Feedbacky for feedback on existing tools and also new tool ideas for my Patreon exclusive plugin called Arceon which features a lot of building tools.

See more case studies.


Come chat with the Feedbacky community in our Discord server, follow official announcements and polls if you need support our friendly staff can assist you.



We encourage everyone to contribute, thus making Feedbacky better with the help of our community.

Follow our contributing guidelines if you are interested!


Support the development of Feedbacky by making a donation or by becoming a Feedbacky sponsor, check it out!

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