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FeedHenry RainCatcher AngularJS

Reference mobile and portal implementation for RainCatcher.

About RainCatcher AngularJS

RainCatcher AngularJS is reference mobile and website implementation for RainCatcher Core. For more information about RainCatcher please refer to core repository.

This repository extends core framework with AngularJS based user interface. Repository contains set of the modules that implements AngularJS based services and directives. Modules are used in two demo applications:

  • Demo mobile application which is used by field engineers to operate and execute items in workflows
  • Demo portal application which is used by administrators to create workorders and workflows that can be consumed by field engineers.

Both demo applications require server demo application, which is located in the RainCatcher Core repository.


  • node/npm (tested on Node v6.x (LTS))
  • git

Quick start

  1. Install all dependencies for angular repository

     git clone
     cd raincatcher-angularjs
     npm install
     npm run bootstrap

Note: Core repository will be automatically cloned using git command. If you wish to work with different branch of the core repository please switch manually.

  1. Install all dependencies for core repository

     cd ./core
     npm install
     npm run bootstrap
  2. Start core node.js server

     npm run start

Note: Core server requires mongodb and redis to be running on machine. Please refer to Core documentation for more details about how to configure non standard connection urls to this services.

  1. Start demo mobile and portal applications Change directory to angular repository

     cd ..
     npm run start

Both demo mobile and demo portal should start automatically in your browser.

Credentials used to login

Portal User

Username: max

Password: 123

Mobile User

Username: trever

Password: 123

Repository folder structure

This repository contains many subpackages managed through Lerna, and they're contained in the following directories:

Packages implementing angularjs directives and other ui components used in demo applications
Full-fledged demo applications, showcasing the usage of multiple modules
Client side modules from core repository

Repository commands

npm run test - run unit tests

npm run bootstrap - install required dependencies for modules and checkout core repository

npm run start - run demo mobile and portal applications

Contributing to this repository

Check the Contribution Guide for instructions.


🎉 Raincatcher WFM, Angularjs and Apache Cordova based framework





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