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Raincatcher Workorder Angular User Interface

This module is an Angular JS implementation of Workorders for the Raincatcher project.


This module is packaged in a CommonJS format, exporting the name of the Angular namespace. The module can be included in an angular.js as follows:

var config = {
  mode: 'admin',
  listColumnViewId: 'listColumnView',
  detailColumnViewId: 'detailColumnView'

angular.module('app', [
, require('fh-wfm-workorder-angular')(config)

Configuration Options

The following configuration options are available for this module:


The module can have two modes: admin and user. These modes affect what options are presented to the user in the directives.

E.g. If the module is in user mode, the user will not have the option to edit / delete workorders when viewing the workorder details.

mainColumnViewId (Required)

This is the identifier for the Angular view where the main Workorder views will be rendered.

listColumnViewId (Optional)

This is the identifier for the Angular view where the list of Workorders will be rendered into. This is useful for organising where the lists will be rendered on-screen. If not specified, the lists will be rendered into the mainColumnViewId.

Workorder directives

Name Description
workorder-list Listing all of the Workorders with their current status
workorder Listing the detail for a single Workorder
workorder-summary Listing the detail for the workorder, along with the result, if completed.
workorder-form A form for updating and deleting Workorders