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FeedHenry Data Sync Tutorial Cloud App

Dependency Status

Template app for the Sync server. This contains the boilerplate code required to start Sync. The Sync server can be interacted with via any of the client SDKs.


npm install

Run locally

Setup MongoDB

In order to run the Sync server locally you'll need to have MongoDB running on your local machine. By default Sync will try to access MongoDB using the URL mongodb://localhost:27017/FH_LOCAL. If you'd like to use a different port or database you need to change the FH_MONGODB_CONN_URL environment variable in the Gruntfile.js.

Start the server

npm run serve

The Sync server will be availble at http://localhost:8001.

If you wish to run the server on a different port you should set the FH_PORT environment variable to the port you want the server to run on.