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FeedHenry iOS SDK

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The iOS Software Development Kit to connect to the FeedHenry platform.


See iOS SDK Guide.



The project relies on CocoaPods and it's respective plugins 'cocoapods-packager' and 'cocoapods-appledoc', so please ensure that are installed in your system. If not, please execute the following:

[sudo] gem install cocoapods cocoapods-packager cocoapods-appledoc

Then, install CocoaPods dependencies.

pod install
open fh-ios-sdk.xcworkspace

Note: Do not open fh-ios-sdk.xcodeproj, work with xcworkspace ensures both the iOS SDK project and the CocoaPods dependencies are included in Xcode.

Running Tests

Tests can be run in Xcode by navigating to Product -> Test.

Working with templates app

fh-ios-sdk is used by template app like sync-ios-app to scaffold and demo synchronization feature. You can run a template app with dev pod by:

source ''
project 'sync-ios-app.xcodeproj'
platform :ios, '9.0'
target 'sync-ios-app' do
    pod 'FH', :path => '../fh-ios-sdk/'

Given that :path point to the relative path holding your sdk code source.

Common Actions

  • Update the VERSION.txt and fh-ios-sdk/FHDefines.h with the new version number.
  • Update with the new release and content.

a) Release on CocoaPods [Required Step]

  • Update FH.podspec, s.version attribute with the new version number.
  • Tag the repository with the new version number:
git tag -s -a {VERSION} -m 'version {VERSION}'   // e.g. {VERSION} format is  '2.2.5'
  • Push the new release tag on GitHub:
git push origin {TAG}
  • Publish the FH.podspec on the CocoaPods repo with:
 	pod trunk push --allow-warnings

--allow-warnings is required to skip some deprecation warnings from a underlying dependency library. This will be circumvented in a future release.

b) Release on GitHub

  • Once you have published on CocoaPods it's time to do a GitHub release. To do so run the script:

This will produce two files in the Releases-{version} directory. You can then attach them on the GitHub release page.

c) Generate API Documentation

To generate API documentation and sync with the GitHub pages placeholder, switch to 'gh-pages' branch and follow the instructions there.

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