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RHMAP Nagios Container
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RHMAP Nagios for Docker

Build Status

Nagios server in a Docker container for RHMAP.


Running tests

python -m unittest discover -s plugins/default

Style Guide and common problems

We use tools to enforce the PEP8 style guide and prevent common problems on all Python code in this repository.

When developing the project, you'll need to install the dependencies:

pip install flake8 autopep8
brew install flake8 #osx

Use flake8 to verify that the code conforms to the style guide, and is free of common errors:

flake8 --show-source

Automatically format source code using autopep8:

find . -name '*.py' -print0 | xargs -0 autopep8 --in-place --aggressive --aggressive

You may integrate flake8 and autopep8 with your code editor.

General Development Info

Order of Nagios Status'

The order of priority of the Nagios Checks as indicated by their number in when reporting to the console is:

 OK = 0
 WARN = 1
 CRIT = 2

In the case of checks where multiple components are involved (i.e cpu and memory usage) max(status) is used to check the highest result. I.e. if there are no unknown it will report a critical. However if there is an unknown this would be reported over a critical result.


Currently there are 3 available hostgroups that nagios will run checks for, core, mbaas and digger Depending on the project the nagios container is being deployed to, the checks run will be decided by this value.

Create a New Check

In order to add a new check, the following syntax is followed, (using digger mac machine check as an example) fhservices.cfg.j2 is a j2 template file where services and commands are defined to be templated out and used by nagios.

Variables are passed to the file from make-nagios-fh-services.cfg and are picked up using the j2 syntax {{ variable_name }}

Do the following steps in the file:

  • define the service (notice the hosgroup_name specified as digger)
define service {
       service_description mac_ios:ping
       check_command ios_machine_health!{{ jenkins_host }}!443!{{ jenkins_user }}!{{ jenkins_pass }}
       use generic-service
       hostgroup_name digger
       contact_groups rhmapadmins

The syntax for passing arguments is check_command <command-name>!<param1>!<param2>

  • define the command called by check_command
define command {
      command_name    ios_machine_health
      command_line    /opt/rhmap/nagios/plugins/ios_machine_health -H $ARG1$ -P $ARG2$ -u $ARG3$ -p $ARG4$

The syntax for receiving commands is $ARG$ which picks up the arguments in the order they are passed.

Writing a plugin

In this example an additional plugin is required - ios_machine_health. The plugin carries out the logic required to complete the check and print and return the status of the check. In this case:

  • a request is sent to jenkins for some data about the mac machine.
  • the response is parsed for the value offline for each mac machine.
  • results are logged to the results/errors tuple
  • Messages are printed out for each mac machine checked
  • the Nagios check values in the tuple are evaluated following the order mentioned here
  • an overall status is returned which is show in the nagios dashboard along with the printed text

Testing/Developing a Plugin

To test some changes in OpenShift:

  • add the initial changes mentioned above.
  • push the changes to pr to trigger image build
  • udpate the image to the the new image tag in the nagios-container deploymentconfig
  • Go to terminal in the OpenShift console or oc rsh to the pod
  • Copy the nagios folder to /tmp. `cp -r /opt/rhmap/nagios /tmp
  • cd to the plugin folder cd /tmp/nagios/plugins
  • Edit the plugin as required using vi editor
  • run the plugin from the command line (passing the required params) e.g. ./ios_machine_health -H <hostname> -P <port> -u <jenkins-user> -p <jenkins-password>

Version Bump

To bump the version for nagios-container:

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