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# Feediron TT-RSS Plugin <img src="icon.svg" width="80" align="left">
Reforge your feeds
About |Table Of Contents
:---- | --------
This is a plugin for [Tiny Tiny RSS (tt-rss)](<br>It allows you to replace an article's contents by the contents of an element on the linked URL's page<br><br>i.e. create a "full feed".<br><br>Keep up to date by subscribing to the [Release Feed](|<ul><li>[Installation](#installation)</li><li>[Configuration tab](#configuration-tab)</li><ul><li>[Usage](#usage)</li><li>[Filters](#filters)</li><li>[General Options](#general-options)</li><li>[Global Options](#global-options)</li></ul><li>[Testing Tab](#testing-tab)</li><li>[Full configuration example](#full-configuration-example)</li><li>[Xpath General Information](#xpath-general-information)</li></ul>
## Todo
* ~~Make a recipe base here~~
* ~~Add a simple mechanism to add recipes to the configuration~~
* ~~Add a simple mechanism to export recipes~~
* ~~spend some time on a nicer interface design~~
* split init.php in multiple classes
* Make test output collapsable
## Installation
Checkout the directory into your plugins folder like this (from tt-RSS root directory):

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