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5871aad @pauldix brought in ozgor's contributing to add gzip and deflate support. modifie...
pauldix authored
1 require 'zlib'
3f2c507 @nakajima cleaned up requires
nakajima authored
2 require 'curb'
586a565 @nakajima only loading the bits of activesupport that we need, pulled Date extensi...
nakajima authored
3 require 'sax-machine'
f956981 @pauldix bumped gemspec for new version with new dependencies
pauldix authored
4 require 'loofah'
6b7b901 more spec refactoring
Daniel Insley authored
5 require 'uri'
f2467dc @pauldix fixed active_support require to be compatible with rails 3
pauldix authored
363f884 @jherdman Canonical location for core extensions
jherdman authored
7 require 'feedzirra/core_ext'
b4fda59 @ezkl Require VERSION
ezkl authored
8 require 'feedzirra/version'
158728c @pauldix initial commit with skeleton for gem
pauldix authored
638334c @jherdman Clean up module loading
jherdman authored
10 module Feedzirra
11 autoload :FeedEntryUtilities, 'feedzirra/feed_entry_utilities'
12 autoload :FeedUtilities, 'feedzirra/feed_utilities'
13 autoload :Feed, 'feedzirra/feed'
14 autoload :Parser, 'feedzirra/parser'
0db7302 @ezkl Declare error in feedzirra.rb [Fix #79]
ezkl authored
16 class NoParserAvailable < StandardError; end
638334c @jherdman Clean up module loading
jherdman authored
17 end
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