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This module demos the LogSumExp trick. See
import math
from typing import List
import logging
import time
def log_sum_exp_naive(X:List[float]) -> float:
a naive calculation of LogSumExp expressions
:param X: a list of numbers
:return: the LogSumExp calculation
logging.debug('START lse_naive(%s)', X)
summation = 0
for x_i in X:
v = math.e**x_i
logging.debug('e^%f = %.5f', x_i, v)
summation += v
return math.log(summation)
except Exception as e:
logging.debug('lse_naive FAILURE')
raise e
def log_sum_exp(X:List[float]) -> float:
a better calculation of LogSumExp expressions
:param X: a list of numbers
:return: the LogSumExp calculation
logging.debug('START lse(%s)', X)
c = max(X)
summation = 0
for x_i in X:
v = math.e ** (x_i - c)
logging.debug('e^(%f - c) = %.5f', x_i, v)
summation += sum(math.e ** (x_i - c) for x_i in X)
logging.debug('c=%.5f; summation=%.5f', c, summation)
return math.log(summation) + c
def log_softmax(j:int, X:List[float], naive:bool=False) -> float:
a log softmax calculation
:param j: an index into X that selects the numerator value.
:param X: a list of numbers
:param naive: use the naive LogSumExp method
:return: the log softmax calculation
lse = log_sum_exp_naive if naive else log_sum_exp
return X[j] - lse(X)
if __name__ == '__main__':
logging.basicConfig(level='INFO') # change to debug to print intermediate calculations
def _run_example(j:int, X:List[float]) -> None:
print('*' * 30)
print(f'* X={X}')
print(f'* j={j}\n')
time.sleep(0.001) # so the logs get printed out nicely
y1 = log_sum_exp(X)
y2 = log_sum_exp_naive(X)
if abs(y1 - y2) > 1e-6:
raise ValueError(f'calculation error {y1} != {y2}')
y2 = 'bombed!'
print(f'logsumpexp({X}): {y1}')
print(f'logsumpexp({X}): {y2} (naive)')
ls = log_softmax(j, X)
print(f'log(softmax({j}, {X}) = {ls} --> softmax = {math.e**ls}')
if isinstance(y2, float):
ls = log_softmax(j, X, True)
print(f'log(softmax({j}, {X}, naive) = {ls}')
print('*' * 30,'\n')
# the examples from the blog post plus a small numerically stable example
_examples = [[1000]*3, [-1000]*3, [1,1,1]]
for _example in _examples:
_run_example(0, _example)
# one huge X value
_run_example(0, [1000, 1, 2, 3])
# one huge negative X value
_run_example(0, [-1000, 1, 2, 3])
# run this in debug mode to see what happens to the contributions of the values < 1 in the logsumexp calculation and
# also what happens to the softmax probability distribution.
_run_example(0, [1000, 1e-5, 1e-10])
_run_example(1, [1000, 1e-5, 1e-10])
_run_example(2, [1000, 1e-5, 1e-10])